From economical models such as bubble pads to advanced replacements or even auto adjustment systems,a full range of products at different levels of pressure ulcer managements and in various sizes are provided to ensure that you can always find the most suitable products for your every need.


Antimicrobial Silver+Nylon/PU CoverSilver ion added, vapor permeable and water resistant cover. It has a level of CTB 117 & FTMS 191A fire retardancy and proven to exhibit anti-MRSA effect of 90% even after 20 cycles of laundry.






Crib 7 Fire Retardancy Stretch Cover

Vapor permeable and water resistant 2-directional stretch cover offers optimum pressure redistribution and comfort. It also has a level of Crib 7 fire retardancy with anti-fungal property.





Nylon/PU Cover

Vapor permeable and water resistant property with flame retardant level passed California Technical Bulletin 116 & 117.






Low Air Loss
Provide good ventilation and help reduce the accumulation of heat and moisture.

Pro-care is a series of therapeutic powered pressure air mattresses that is designed for a wide range of conditions from preventive to serious pressure ulcer.

360° Antimicrobial Protection

Apex has carefully listened to the challenges posed by medical care environments, and proposes the new Silver+ Stretch cover and antimicrobial filter for Pro-care products to reduce risk of infection and improve the qualities of nursing care.

Anti-Sink Rectangular Cells

The Anti-Sink rectangular cells follow the contours of a patient’s body
so that the subjectis immersed onto the mattress with comfort but
without the risks of bottoming out.

Heel-Relief: preventing pressure ulcers occurring on the heel

With the Heel-Relief connectors on the last five cells from the foot end, regardless of patients’ height, the caregivers
can always deflate the cell directly underneath the heel to achieve zero pressure.