Flexx HD


Flexx incorporates many adjustable features to improve comfort, support, and mobility. For example, adjustable backrest angle, backrest height, seat depth, and rear wheel axle position (to name a few). Along with the many wheel options, this model is highly configurable to suit varying needs.


• Wheel chairs are aid to a person who is unable to walk or stand properly and person who can’t move his lower parts. • Wheel chairs have manually operated or power driven models, with variety of settings. • In manual operated model, that person need to drive it using their hands by giving some pressure. It can’t be used for a unhealthy patient. • Caretaker need to stand behind the user for movement if the patient itself can’t operate it. • Then we can chose power driven models that can adjust using remote or side buttons either the patient or caretaker. • Those power driven or motor control wheel chairs are costly compared to manual wheel chair. • Wheel chairs have different usage depend on their physical condition. Some people need it for their day to day life, some may need it for recovery from accident, temporary uses. Depend on the physical condition and financial situation they can choose old to new models with more settings.

Benefits & Specifications

• The Karma Flex Heavy Duty is the ultimate adjustable off-the-shelf wheelchair with a weight capacity of 170kg.
• You can adjust the backrest angle, axle plate height, armrest height and seat depth easily.
• The Flexx HD comes standard with swing away and removable legrests, and is easy to fold and transport.
• The sturdy double cross brace and adjustable center-of-gravity provide better stability.
• All the Flexx accessories are compatible with the Flexx HD. The push bar attached to the push handles of the wheelchair, makes it easy to push and maneuver the wheelchair with just one hand and at the same time reinforces the structure of the wheelchair.
• It also helps alleviate the pain and fatigue that comes from pushing a wheelchair. There is no need to detach because it folds with the wheelchair for easy storage and transportation.
• The height of the armrest is adjustable. A proper armrest height is helpful to relieve loads on the neck, shoulders and arms and alleviate stress on the back.
• The flip-back feature makes it easy to get on and off the wheelchair or roll closer to a table or desk.
• 80° swing in / swing out leg rest hangers with aluminium footplates and flip back height adjustable armrests. Options including elevating leg rest, 90° hangers, stump supports and attendant brakes available. Maximum user weight limit of up to 170 kg.


Seat width/ Seat depth


Front wheel/ Rear wheel


Seat Width

510 ㎜~610 ㎜

Seat Depth

410 ㎜~510 ㎜

Seat Height

460 ㎜~530 ㎜

Backrest Height

380 ㎜~510 ㎜

Armrest Height

210 ㎜~290 ㎜

Calf Length

380 ㎜~480 ㎜

Backrest Angle


Seat Angle


Angle of footrest


Max. User Weight (㎏)

170 ㎏

Weight W/O Accessories (㎏)

10.6 ㎏

Total Weight (㎏)

16.5 ㎏(14Q)

17.0 ㎏(24Q)

Overall Length x Width x Heigh

Min.1080 ㎜*710 ㎜*840 ㎜

Max.1180 ㎜*810 ㎜*1040 ㎜

Overall Collapsed x Width

350 ㎜





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