It has a digital control unit and mattress overlay system which can prevent protect and aid all grades of pressure ulcer treatment . It is most energy efficient control unit with a maximum power consumption. The compressor works only when required making it long lasting control unit .It has new VLP mode and CLP mode it pumps adapt the patient requirement and minimal effort. The mattress overlay offers pressure relief and comfort to patients who are in need of short long term care. The control units set of cycle depending on comfort settings , with constant relief time and smooth transition between channels which increase patient comfort. It individually replaceable cells to changed to keep the mattress life extended. It is low friction cover which is made up of polyurethane cover reduces force. A unique non interchangeable quick connector with CRP function between the mattress and a control unit simple and error free. Soft friction hangers with extra soft trip . Silent running and less vibration It is user friendly interface. It is the digital control unit that adapts individually. It also helps improving blood circulation. The cover is stretchable in a four way and it permeable to vapor It enhanced user comfort and skin integrity protection . It is available inbuilt Evac cover for fire compliance . All covers are manufactured from modern , recyclable material and are vapor permeable which reduce the risk of skin maceration .


• Air mattress is an inflammable mattress is made up of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or textile reinforced ureathane plastic or rubber. • It can also improve the quality of life for people who suffer back pain. • It having ability to adjust firmness of mattress accommodate different body shapes,sizes and weight can be factor in the healing process. • It is used to protect bedridden people from pressure sores which can create life threatening ulcers. • It is used to reduce the risk of developing pressure ulcers. • It is allows for blood circulation pressure relief and refreshing feel for the patient sleeping on it. • Low air loss technology. • It motion of air within the mattress relieving the pressure on problematic area of the body regularly stimulating blood flow. • Spring loaded tube. • Easy to use quick connector with cap. • Foam base rocket. • Pillow function. • Cell on cell bladder design.

Benefits & Specifications

• The control unit sets cycle depending on comfort setting, with constant relief time and smooth transition between channels which increases patient comfort. This also relieves the caregiver from setting the cycle time.
• The overlay system offers a replaceable cell which can be quickly changed to keep the mattress life extended to many years.
• Soft Friction hangers with extra soft tip.
• Low friction cover which is made of polyurethane cover reduces shear force.
• The Cover is washable make it most hygienic in managing patient affairs. Fully water repellent and easy to clean is one of the key features in preventing infections.
• Silent running and Less vibration.
• The Cover is attached with concealed two-way zips to reduce the ingress of fluids.
• Pulsating mode generates a low peak contact pressure offering a high level of comfort and pressure relief.
• CLP offers constant pressure in whole mattress and maintain same pressure. This will increase pressure redistribution. The operating pressure in this mode is lesser than other operating modes.
• Patient safety and comfort is the theme behind the design of CuroCell Encore+. The unit works on a 12V DC power supply which protects the users from electrical shock even if the power cable snaps or breaks.
• CuroCell Encore+ offers peace of mind when it comes to power failure. The unit will equalize pressure in the mattress and maintain it for at least 10 hours when power failure occurs.
• A unique non-interchangeable quick connector with CPR function makes the connection between mattress and control unit simple and easy to use.
• User friendly interface.
• Audible & visible notifications
• CuroCell Encore+ prides itself of additional features like the light weight and quieter control unit in its category. The compressor works only when required making it long-lasting control unit. Maximum patient weight is up to 200 kg.


Input voltage

100-240V / 50-60 Hz

Mode of operation


Duty cycle

VLP 12-15min

Power consumption

0.0057 KW/h

Maximum working current


Average working current



2 Kg




Less than 95%

Electrical classification

Class 2 type BF

Recommended User Weight

0-150 Kg


Prevention & treatment up to and including category 3



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