We ordered F20 full face mask for ResMed CPAP machine, the price was competitive and the product was delivered the next day. Extremely satisfied with the service provided by Mr. Elumalai V, who had a lot of patience to explain the product, its usage, and the procedure to maintain it. He had good knowledge about the product and is a good asset to the company.

Raman N

The services of the team headed by Mr. Babu was excellent. Mr. Karthick was very polite while answering all our questions regarding CPAP. Mr. Mohd. Suhail’s home visit service was excellent and satisfactory. Mr. Karthick and Mr. Suhail are the assets of the company. In continuation, on 15.5.21, when I visited the healthcare center for some clarification and service, Mr Rupesh attended well. His service was very satisfactory.

Shivaraj Krisknamoorthy

We bought the Auto CPAP machine after initial trial and it was working well. Got better sleep over the past week and the daytime was much productive than before. The technician Mr. Bala Murugan had given all the inputs for the machine including training sessions on settings and modifications, if required. His training was very easy to follow and his service was very good. Highly recommending the machine to others as well.

Pandi Narayanan

Mr. Mohan Gandhi has extended a very high quality service to us. He hasn’t hesitated to do home visits multiple times till we got comfortable with the device. He has ensured that all the options available are explained to us clearly, so we may choose the right one.

Vibha Ganesh

The approach was friendly and the service rendered by them was excellent. The owner was courteous, and polite to explain all the doubts clearly. The owner behaved like a family and gave priority to human values and not money.

Manohar Vanchinathan

Excellent company to deal with. Interestingly, the amount of ownership shown to individual customers is noteworthy. Once reported, the issues or problems are fixed in just one or two days. I am extremely satisfied with their service and every staff member is hugely helpful.

Kunal Chatterjee

Excellent range of products. Mr.Babu is a very knowledgeable person and takes care of the patients with utmost care and best after sale service. Thanks to team Hitwin. You guys are doing a fantastic job.

Suhas Shubh

Hats off to Mr.Mohan Gandhi who is an excellent service provider, attends to the calls and resolves issues instantly. Knowledgeable, cordial and a very kind person. Thank you, Sir for the great support and many thanks to Hitwin for having such a wonderful team.

Suresh. S

Mr. Bala Murugan provided us with an excellent demonstration of AirSense 10 and answered all our questions patiently. He also installed the AirSense 10 Autoset machine to our satisfaction. and assured us to provide phone and onsite support in the future. We recommend Hitwin Healthcare Pvt. Ltd for your healthcare needs. Thank you.

Meera Viswanathan

I highly recommend the company. I had to buy from Switzerland a device for one of my friends in India. Hitwin was really professional, flexible and reactive. After the payment, they managed to ship the product to my friend, irrespective of Knowing the distance between both the countries. India needs more professional companies like Hitwin and professionals like Mr. Vinoth Nagarajan. Thank you.

Joel Bracher