The DOMUS 1 alternating pressure redistribution system and it is a reliable and functional mattress overlay system. It is perfect for patient pressure injuries who are needed in home care settings. The domus 1 is the light weight and compact pressure pad it is height bubble pad. It weight indicator reference to facilitate the optimal pressure settings. The domus 1 have anti sliding extrusion flap can be tucked it under the standard mattress it is used to prevent pad. The pad is made for PVC it is easy to clean and fire retardant for safety. It has ideal transition mattress between foam and air. It have alternating cycle time. It has adjustable hangers it can secure and control unit to fit most of the beds. it has pressure redistributing during pressure mapping A and B turns to inflate and deflate it significantly relieve the body interface pressure. In this system is great and short term usage and it is easy for patient. It is silent air pump to ensure and user friendly with good sleeping quality for every second. This mattress is a perfect fit for people who need to lie on bed for extended period and cannot shift their weight frequency . in this product has ISO certified to ensure the quality and confidence for the customer used this product.


• Air mattress is an inflammable mattress is made up of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or textile reinforced ureathane plastic or rubber. • It can also improve the quality of life for people who suffer back pain. • It having ability to adjust firmness of mattress accommodate different body shapes,sizes and weight can be factor in the healing process. • It is used to protect bedridden people from pressure sores which can create life threatening ulcers. • It is used to reduce the risk of developing pressure ulcers. • It is allows for blood circulation pressure relief and refreshing feel for the patient sleeping on it. • Low air loss technology. • It motion of air within the mattress relieving the pressure on problematic area of the body regularly stimulating blood flow. • Spring loaded tube. • Easy to use quick connector with cap. • Foam base rocket. • Pillow function. • Cell on cell bladder design.

Benefits & Specifications

• Pressure ulcer prevention.
• Easy to use adjustment settings.
• Low flame retardant level and medical grade bubble pad.
• Hangers suitable for most bed types.
• Alternating Pressure Redistribution System for comfort and ventilation.
• No cover.
• Maximum bubble height: 2.5"



Domus 1



25.0 x 12.5 x 8.5 cm 


1.4 kg

Case Material

Flame retardant ABS

Supply Voltage

AC 230V, 50/60 Hz ;
AC 120V, 60Hz

Operating Cycle

9.6 min (230V) ;
8 min (120V)


Mattress type

2.5” Bubble Pad Overlay


196 x 90 x 6.4 cm


1 - in - 2

Cell Height

2.5” x 130 pcs of bubbles


2.3 kg

Cover Material


Cell Material

Medical Grade PVC

Maximum Patient Weight 

100 kg

Flame Retardant 

CA 117 / EN 597-1 / EN 597-2


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