OxyKit comes with Al-Can make Light Weight Aluminium Oxygen Cylinder with Bullnose Valve, Bullnose Regulator, Mask and Carry bag. OxyKit Aluminium Cylinder is approximately 30% Light Weight compared to Steel Cylinder. OxyKit is portable and Easy to use. These cylinders are refillable, mainly suitable for Patients suffering from Respiratory Disorder, Trackers for ease of breathing at high altitude, Athletes and Sportsmen, Refresh from daily Pollution and stress reliving. It has 465L gas capacity with 150 bar working pressure. Here the regulator is 0-15L adjustable. The approximate weight of the machine is 5.75kg.


• Oxygen Cylinders are vessels or containers which collect purified oxygen to supply in hospitals and home care patients, those who can’t breathe them self and having breathing issues. • It contains 99% of purified oxygen, hence the speed of recovery for patients is high while using cylinders. • Hospital uses cylinders in wards,ICU, OT ambulance for emergency purpose. Also there will be connected gas pipelines for sufficient oxygen supply during surgery and other purposes. • For temporary home care patients also can use cylinders for fast recovery. • For ventilator machines , and during Anesthesia cylinders maybe needed • Recently Aluminum cylinders are more adaptable due to its lower weight. Hence there will be no issues for carrying cylinders. • It can be easily operated and no need to worry about rust as in steel. • Depend on the patient condition, pressure we can control. • Since it is portable we can move it to anywhere. • Mainly Electricity is not needed for usage, we can use it whenever oxygen supply is needed and after that we can close it.

Benefits & Specifications

1. Patients suffering from Respiratory Disorder (under Doctor's guidance/prescription.
2. Senior Citizens for Well-Being.
3. Stress Reliving.
4. Yatra, Mountaineers, Trackers for Ease of Breathing at High Altitude
5. Athletes and Sportsmen
6. Refresh from daily Pollution.




High Pressure Cylinder



0.495ML W.C TO 23.4 LTR W.C.



126 BAR, 139 BAR, 150 BAR AND 200 BAR.



ISO 7866 with “Pi” (π) mark (TPED)

CE mark (PED) approved by Apragaz.





Third-Party Inspection and

PESO Certificate (for sale in India)

PI (π) and CE Mark




Manufacture from High strength aluminium Alloy 6061A and Alloy 7060.



ISO 11363: Part II: IS 3224 1-125, 12UNF, 750-16 UNF 25E Thread & other threads available as per request



As per International Standard.

Additional marking available upon request.




Standard finish is brushed body with clear lacquered makes it elegant in look and neck color as per gas to be filled.



Seamless, Light Weight Cylinder (40% Lighter than steel cylinder).

Easy to handle and transportation.

Corrosion Resistant.


No Special Maintenance required




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