iSleep 25 BiPAP Machine


• Bring patients everyday respiratory support for obstructive and central sleep-related breathing disorders or respiratory insufficiency with iSleep 25, a Bi-Level device with CPAP function.
• Thanks to eSync, Breas highly responsive Trigger technology, iSleep 25 synchronizes smoothly with the patient’s breathing effort.
• As the patient demands for a new breath, iSleep 25 responds immediately and delivers the pressure required, allowing for very comfortable breathing. Backup frequency guarantees ventilation to patients during central apneas or intermittent hypoventilation.
• By adjusting rise time and eSync, physicians can match the iSleep 25 settings to the patient’s needs. And with memory card capability, it’s quick and easy to download long-term patient compliance data and detailed log.


• A BIPAP is a Non invasive therapy it a pressure controlled in a spontaneous breathing. • It is used to help you breathe easier when you have condition that make breathing difficult . • Obstructive sleep apnea is a serious condition in which your breathing stop and starts repeatedly while you are asleep. • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (copd) • Asthma • Obesity hypoventilation syndrome. • Heart condition such as congestive heart failure or coronary artery disease • A neurological or neuromuscular disorder that affect your ability to breathe. • Poor breathing after a medical procedure such as surgery. • The machine works by pushing the pressurized air into your lungs. • It reduces burden on respiratory muscles and lungs to inhale and exhale • The machine motor blows air through the tube certain amount of required pressure. • The pressurized air enters your body through the mask or plugs. • It eliminates need for using a ventilator that makes uses of a tube that goes down into your throat without used for tracheotomy. • A tracheotomy is a procedure to create a hole in your neck to let you breathe through the trachea.

Benefits & Specifications

• Integrated heated humidifier that offers adjustable upper airway humidification for increased compliance
• An enhanced user interface that provides comprehensive information on therapeutic data
• A user-friendly hose, connected to the rear of the unit; it can easily be positioned using the built-in swivel
• Adaptable for use with a wide range of masks
• Lightweight design and the built-in carrying handle for easy travel.
• Power adapter. With the DC/DC converter, the unit can be powered from a car or recreational vehicle when enjoying an active everyday life
• SpO2 monitoring possibility
• eSync, synchronized breath delivery
• Small footprint, even when integrated humidifier is attached
• Adjustable settings for automatic, leakage-compensated inspiratory and expiratory triggers
• Adjustable back-up rate and rise time
• Enhanced user interface, easy to use with large buttons
• Large, backlit graphical display with built-in alarm clock
• Designed for travelling; worldwide mains power compatibility and DC power options
• Designed to accommodate a wide range of masks
• “Snooze” function
• Memory card capability
• Detailed patient log with flow, pressure, leak, and volume
• Integrated AHI and leakage calculation
• SpO2 monitoring possibility
• Designed for home use
Technology Inside
 Non-invasive ventilation is all about having the opportunity to choose the optimal device for the patient. The Bi-Level Ventilators with high-performing triggering technology, eSync gives an excellent option for each application, along with a user friendly design and user interface.
 One of the key goals of mechanical ventilation is to decrease the patient’s work of breathing. Yet if the Bi-Level is not responding well to the patient’s initial breathing effort, this could cause patient ventilator asynchrony and inadequate treatment. Successful ventilation is based on recognizing the patient’s individual breathing effort and immediately responding to his or her way of breathing. Thanks to eSync, Breas highly responsive Trigger technology, iSleep and Vivo Bi-Levels synchronize smoothly and efficiently with the patient’s breathing pattern. eSync provides truly individualized and comfortable treatment for the patient.
The Right Pressure at the Precise Moment
 eSync is based on innovative trigger and leakage compensation technologies. A triggering system is only as efficient as its leakage calculation is precise. The Bi-Level ventilators feature a true leakage calculation which complements the ventilation triggering technology.
 Improving on ordinary flow-based triggering systems, eSync intelligently measures both the flow and the patient’s initial effort when triggering a breath. Thanks to these exact measurements, the Bi-Levels respond immediately when the patient demands a new breath and deliver the pressure required.


Ventilation Modes

CPAP, Bi-Level


4 to 25 cmH2O


4 to 20 cmH2O


4 to 20 cmH2O

Inspiratory Trigger (eSync)

1 to 9, Auto

Expiratory Trigger

1 to 9, Auto

Rise Time

 1 to 5

Back-up Rate

 4 to 30 bpm

Maximum Flow

at 1/3 of max pressure: 108 litres/min

at 2/3 of max pressure: 132 litres/min

at max pressure: 132 litres/min


Maximum limited pressure during single fault condition

30 cmH2O (CPAP) or 40 cmH2O (Bi-Level)

Breathing resistance under single fault condition

0.9 cmH2O at 30 litres/min

3.2 cmH2O at 60 litres/min


Digital output

 (0 to 5v)

Sound level at 10 cmH2O

Less than 30 dB(A)


Internal function failure: Message on the display + Audible Signal
Power failure indication: Message on the display + Audible Signal
Monitoring: Pressure, Leakage, Tidal Volume, I:E Ratio, Triggered breaths, Breath Rate
High Pressure Alert / High Leakage Alert: On/Off. Audible and visual


Mains supply: 100 to 240 V AC
External DC supply: 24 V DC, 12V adapter available

Operating Conditions


Recommended mask leakage: 20 to 40 litres/min at 10 cmH2O
Minimum mask leakage: 12 litres/min at 4 cmH2O


W x H x D: 173 x 172 x 209 mm 


2,0 kg


22 mm conical standard connector




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