VIVO 1 Non-Invasive Ventilation


• Vivo 1 is intended for spontaneously breathing patients.
• The Vivo 1 is a new generation ventilator designed for personalized and comfortable non-invasive respiratory support for non-dependent patients with chronic breathing insufficiency.
• The intuitive interface ensures ease of use. A comprehensive set of modes and extensive monitoring capabilities allow for great flexibility, making the ventilator a perfect choice for a variety of patients.
• Vivo 1 is intended to provide non-invasive ventilation for patients weighing over 10 kg who require long-term support or mechanical ventilation for respiratory impairment, with or without obstructive sleep apnea.


• A BIPAP is a Non invasive therapy it a pressure controlled in a spontaneous breathing. • It is used to help you breathe easier when you have condition that make breathing difficult . • Obstructive sleep apnea is a serious condition in which your breathing stop and starts repeatedly while you are asleep. • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (copd) • Asthma • Obesity hypoventilation syndrome. • Heart condition such as congestive heart failure or coronary artery disease • A neurological or neuromuscular disorder that affect your ability to breathe. • Poor breathing after a medical procedure such as surgery. • The machine works by pushing the pressurized air into your lungs. • It reduces burden on respiratory muscles and lungs to inhale and exhale • The machine motor blows air through the tube certain amount of required pressure. • The pressurized air enters your body through the mask or plugs. • It eliminates need for using a ventilator that makes uses of a tube that goes down into your throat without used for tracheotomy. • A tracheotomy is a procedure to create a hole in your neck to let you breathe through the trachea.

Benefits & Specifications

• Lightweight and Compact
• Integrated Humidifier with heated wire circuit
• Wide range of Modes
• Adult and paediatric (>10kg)
• Intuitive Interface
• Extensive therapy data
• Suitable for use in hospital and home
• Closer monitoring with Breas accessory box
• EveryWare – Secure cloud-based remote monitoring*
• PC Software – Desktop-based with Live Viewer


Ventilation Modes





4 – 25 cmH2O


2 – 20 cm H2O

Breath Rate/Back-up Rate

0-40 bpm

Inspiratory Time

0.3 – 5 s

Rise Time

1 – 9

Inspiratory Trigger

1 – 9

Expiratory Trigger

1 – 9

Minimum Inspiratory Time

Off, 0.3 – 3 s

Maximum Inspiratory Time

Off 0.3 – 3 s

Ramp (Up/Down)

Off 10-60mins

Target Volume

100 – 1500 ml


On/Off, Pressure Limit: Max EPAP +2 cmH2O –25 cmH2O, PS 2-23c, Min/Max EPAP: 2 – 20 cmH2O, EPAP Step: 0.5 – 2 cmH2O, Relax Time: 2-12mins/Off

Humidifier Level


Heated Circuit

Off, 1-5

Patient Circuit

15mm, 22mm

O2 Bleed in (Device)


Displayed data

Ppeak, EPAP, Leakage, MV, Vte % in TgV, Total Rate I:E, Spont Rate, % spont, Inspiratory time, Rise time, SpO2, Pulse, Rate

Mains supply

100 to 240 V AC

External DC

24 V


High Pressure, Low Pressure, High Breath Rate, Low Breath Rate High MV, Low MV, Rebreathing Apnea, Disconnection, High SpO2, Low SpO2, High Pulse Rate, Low Pulse Rate, Power Failure


W x H x D 166 x 185 x 200 mm



Noise level (at 10 cmH2O constant pressure)

Less than 28 dB(A)

Connectivity and Software

Built-in connectivity USB

Compatible Software

PC Software and is prepared for EveryWare Remote Monitoring

Plug-and-Play accessories

SpO2, Nurse Call, Remote Alarm, Accessories Box


Integrable water chamber


Cleanable & Disposable leakage circuits with/without heated wires

Compliance Data (on Screen)

Min Daily Usage Off, 1-24hrs, Total Usage Hours, Total Days, Days with Usage, Average Usage, Days Compliant, AHI



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