L1 (D15)


The tube is intended for use with respiratory therapy devices and
humidifiers with conical ISO connectors (ISO 5356).The tube is intended
to transport breathing gasses from the flow generator or humidifier to the
The tube is indicated for non-invasive respiratory therapy in the home,
hospital or sleep-lab setting by a single adult patient. It can also be used
in conjunction with supplemental Oxygen.


A breathing tube is a device or tool that can serve as a conduit for breathing. Various types of breathing tubes are available for different specific applications. It is normally used for patients in intubation period. Intubation is necessary when your airway is blocked or damaged or you can't breathe spontaneously. It is mainly used for non-invasive method of ventilation.

Benefits & Specifications

• This standard 1.8m tube is made of high quality material enables the tubing to slow down the aging process and improve the anti-corrosion performance.
• Scientific spiral interval design makes the tubing more flexible and kink resistant.
• This tube is designed with 22mm cuffs so that it is compatible with most of the CPAP devices.
• The length of the tube is 1.8m with internal diameter of 15mm.
• The length of the tube is 1.8 m, which will works on 24 v/18 W power supply.
• This models are mainly used for Non-invasive devices. It is Suitable for adult patients.




Ambient Temperature: 5°C~35°C (41°F~95°F) Relative humidity: 0%~93%


Storage temperature: -25°C~70°C (-13°F~158°F) Relative humidity: 0%~93%


Under normal maintenance and usage, the expected service life of the tube is 6 months. After 6 months, if the problem (holes, creases, tears) is still not found after inspection, the tube can still be used.




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