Helium Gas Cylinder


Aluminium Helium Gas Cylinder which is used in IABP (Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump) for cardiac in intensive care unit. These are light weight cylinders hence these are easy to carry, corrosion resistant and non-magnetic. No Special Maintenance required, only require requalification every five years. These are 99.999% purified gases.
Aluminium helium gas cylinders are 40% light weight compared to steel cylinders. These cylinders are made strictly as per safety standards, assuring a consistent and stable performance. Approved by petroleum and explosive safety Organisation (PESO), Govt of India. The capacity of cylinders ranges from 0.495 ml to 50 Ltr.


Helium gas in medicine are due to its unique physical and chemical properties including its low solubility, high thermal conductivity, and low density. Due to the lower solubility of helium compared with nitrogen, using a mixture of helium and oxygen called as Heliox could be breathed by humans without discomfort. Helium/oxygen mixture has a weight that is one-third compared with air, improve the flow of oxygen in patients with upper airway obstruction and asthma exacerbation. Using these characteristics of helium, it is effectively used in treatment of respiratory conditions including upper airway obstruction, asthma exacerbation, post-extubation stridor, croup, bronchiolitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), and pulmonary function testing. It also used in laparoscopic surgeries, Neurological treatments, MRI, and research applications. Helium ion scanning microscopy (HIM) is a novel imaging technology with the capability of providing sub-nanometer resolution images of uncoated biologic tissues. For all these uses helium cylinders are used to store and carry helium gases with 99.999% purity.

Benefits & Specifications

• Made of aluminium, 66% lighter than the steel cylinders, hence this makes the cylinders portable and easy to handle in emergency situations.
• Steel cylinders are very prone to corrosion and start rusting immediately. So, oxygen taken from steel cylinder contains iron particle. World over, in all developed country it is mandatory to use Aluminium cylinder in medical application.
• Unlike steel cylinders, aluminium cylinders are non-magnetic, hence find wide usage in MRI Centres and operation theatres.
• A Superior Smooth external look with high gloss finish and easy maintenance gives a superior look to your Interiors.




0.495ML W.C



200 BAR



ISO 7866








Made with seamless, high-strength aluminium alloy 6061A and Alloy 7060.



Standard 5/8”_18 UNF thread size.

ISO 7866.

Valve installation available.




Standard finish is brushed body with clear lacquered and neck colour as per International Gas Cylinder Colour Code.



Seamless, Light Weight Cylinder (40% Lighter than steel cylinder).

Easy to handle and transportation.

Corrosion Resistant.


No Special Maintenance required




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