H-80A Series Automatic High Flow Oxygen Cannula can be used for patients with spontaneous breathing, including artificial airway respiratory insufficiency, and can be used for patients in hospitals and long-term care. Provide a maximum of 80L / min air-oxygen mixed gas, oxygen concentration can be set automatically, providing an exclusive AutoFlow function, SmartFlow function. Disinfection-free design, Water chamber has a backflow prevention valve to prevent gas backflow.


The HFNC oxygen therapy is carried out using air oxygen blender ,active humidifier single heated tube and nasal cannula it is respiratory support. The HFNC continuous to increase easily set up it may also create positive pharyngeal pressure to reduce work of breathing the device midway classical oxygen delivery system like high concentrations CPAP generators . It is designed a heated humifided mixture of air and oxygen at a high flow than the inspiratory flow. It adjust the flow rate and body weight provides a degree of distending pressure. It also decrease works of breathing and oxygenation . It utilizes a soft large bore nasal prongs it is similar to used on mechanical ventilator with the HFNC. It overcome the leading causes of discomfort seen with conventional oxygen therapy. It is a difficult quality level of PEEP generated by the high flow. It support breathing in people with acute heart failure , Acute respiratory distress syndrome. It avoids rebreathing of co2 gas and therefore decreased anatomize dead space. It promoted a slow and deep breathing . it airway hydrated and it improved mucus clearance . This improves FRC and reduce work of breathing it flows used are high humidification is necessary to avoid drying of respiratory secretions and for maintaining nasal cilia function . It is mild positive airway pressure and lung volume recruitment. It will titrate FIO2 and flow to promote comfort and oxygen saturation. It ensure the monitor spo2 saturation and pleth wave form. It ensure maintain a o2 saturation on NRB mask It delivery of optimally humidified and warm gases It decreased body energy expenditure. It is used for intubation and extubation support as well as treatment and prevention of post operative respiratory failure and for oxygenation patients during trails or bronchoscopy.

Benefits & Specifications

• Automatic monitoring of target concentration of oxygen, system supply of oxygen 21% -100%, exact to 1%;
• the supporter may be a wall oxygen source, oxygen cylinder, and oxygen generator;
• No maintenance is needed for the built-in ultrasonic oxygen sensor.
• 9-stage temperature humidification: 29-37, precisely 1.
• The advanced dual-fan design can accommodate patients of most ages at two levels of Flow & LFlow, 2L / min ~ 80L / min.
• Revolutionary moisture compensation feature at 7 stages, which ensures adjustable moisture compensation ± 3, easily dealing with the different harsh temperatures and moisture conditions.
• Strong Flow Innovative Design
• Real-time oxygen concentration monitoring, flow, temperature monitoring, sPEEP monitoring.
• In high flow mode, flow rate is 2 L / min ~ 80 L / min, which can set the concentration of inhaled oxygen automatically


Device Size



335 mm × 227 mm × 158 mm



about 4 kg

Water capacity:

To maximum fill line 235 mL

Product Use, Transport and Storage



Transport and Storage


18°C to 28°C (64.4˚F to 82.4˚F)

-25°C to +70°C (-13˚F to +158˚F)


≤ 93% Non-condensing

≤ 93% Non-condensing

Atmospheric Pressure:

760 to 1060 hPa

760 to 1060 hPa

Heated Humidifier


Off, 1 ~ 5 gear

Humidifier Output:

No less than 33 mg/L, at 37 °C target

Maximum Delivered Gas Temperature:

≤ 43°C

Mode of Operation


Work Mode

HFlow, LFlow, AutoFlow, SmartFlow

SD Card

SD card can record data and fault information

AC Power Consumption

220 V - 240 V ~, 50 Hz / 60 Hz, 2.5 A

Electric Shock

Type of Protection Against Electric Shock

Class II Equipment

Degree of Protection Against Electric Shock

Type BF Applied Part

Degree of Protection Against Ingress of Water


Sound Power Level

<28 dB, When the working mode of the device is HFlow, and the output flow is 25 L/min

Maximum oxygen input flow

80 L/min


Range: 21% ~ 100 %, binning interval 1%

Margin of Error: ± (5% + 5% set value)

FiO2 Display Accuracy

± (5% + 5% set value)


Range: 25°C ~ 45°C

Temp Display Accuracy

± 2°C


Range: 2 L/min ~ 80 L/min

Margin of Error: ± (2 L + 10% set value)

Flow Display Accuracy

± (2 L + 10% set value)


Range: 0 ~ 20 hPa

Margin of Error: ± (1 hPa + 20% set value)

Humidity Compensation

Range: -3~3,-3、-2、-1、0、1、2、3, the higher the range, the higher the humidification output

Flow Step Interval

Range: 15 L/min ~ 80 L/min


Length: 1.8 m

Margin of Error: ± 10%

The connection should not fall off under the 45 N tension.

Specification of Patient Connector

φ 18 mm cone joint

Heater Plate AC Power Consumption

220 V - 240 V ~, 50 Hz / 60 Hz, 1 A


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