It Suitable for positions of Backrest & Knee rest with the help of two screw mechanism Four section uniformly perforated 18 Swg CRCA Sheet. Bed frame made in ERW tubes. Stainless Steel Head and Foot Bows Optional: available with S.S. Side Rails for patient safety, telescopic adjustable I.V. Rod, 100 mm dia castors. Pre treated & Epoxy powder coated. Supplied in KDC


• Hospital cot is a bed designed for hospitalized patient or other in need form of healthcare. It has special features both for comfort and well being patient and convenience of healthcare workers. • It has more modern features such as wheels, elevation, side rails, tilting, bed exit alarm, and CRP function and specialist bed. • Easily cleanable compact laminate lying surface. • High strength and composite material. • Easy for caregiver • Sleep comfortably • It covers are manufactured from modern recyclable material and are vapor permeable which reduce the risk of skin maceration. • There are three different types of hospital cot: Manual, Semi electric and Fully Electric . o MANUAL: These cot use hand cranks to adjust the bed height and raise and lower the head and foot. o SEMI ELECTRIC: It raises and lowers the head and foot part of the bed. o FULLY ELECTRIC: The patient can control the height and position of the bed with pendant or remote. It can move into move positions such as the trendelenburg (tilt) position. • It improve mobility • The 3 function are hospital cot are • Whole bed body lift up and down with balance • Back side lifts up and down • Leg bends and extends , leg lifts up and down • Bed rails for proper position and stability • It ability to prevent intended motion during transfer • It has ability to maintain to prevent intended and surface pressure • It using CNC hydraulic bending technology • Safe anti collision design • It ensures the hospital cot is lubricated and maintain at proper intervals. • Built in storage and a scale • It designed and constructed to provide safety comfort and mobility for a broad range of patient varying condition and treatment plans and it has adjustable settings.

Benefits & Specifications

• Backrest and Leg rest adjustment manually with 2 individual crank mechanisms.
• Four section bed boards in 20 SWG CRCA strips sheets.
• Head & amp; Leg Bows set made of Polypropylene.
• Provision for IV Pole, fitted with drainage bag holder.
• Epoxy powder coating.


Size (L×W×H): 2100 mm & times; 960 mm & times; 500 mm approximately

Backrest and Leg rest adjustment with electric motors.


The motorized bed comes with 2 actuators with 1 control box & amp; 1 handset

Four section bed boards in 18 SWG CRCA sheet

Head & amp; Leg Bows set made of Polypropylene (set of 2)

Aluminium collapsible side railings with locking system (set of 2)

Provision for IV Pole, fitted with drainage bag holder

360 rotatable castor 4 nos with braking in all (125mm).


Epoxy powder coating. as option ABS side railing



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