It has two section bed boards it is epoxy powder coating and it process for scratch resistance. Leg and head bows set made up of high quality platic. Easy to use


• Hospital cot is a bed designed for hospitalized patient or other in need form of healthcare. It has special features both for comfort and well being patient and convenience of healthcare workers. • It has more modern features such as wheels, elevation, side rails, tilting, bed exit alarm, and CRP function and specialist bed. • Easily cleanable compact laminate lying surface. • High strength and composite material. • Easy for caregiver • Sleep comfortably • It covers are manufactured from modern recyclable material and are vapor permeable which reduce the risk of skin maceration. • There are three different types of hospital cot: Manual, Semi electric and Fully Electric . o MANUAL: These cot use hand cranks to adjust the bed height and raise and lower the head and foot. o SEMI ELECTRIC: It raises and lowers the head and foot part of the bed. o FULLY ELECTRIC: The patient can control the height and position of the bed with pendant or remote. It can move into move positions such as the trendelenburg (tilt) position. • It improve mobility • The 3 function are hospital cot are • Whole bed body lift up and down with balance • Back side lifts up and down • Leg bends and extends , leg lifts up and down • Bed rails for proper position and stability • It ability to prevent intended motion during transfer • It has ability to maintain to prevent intended and surface pressure • It using CNC hydraulic bending technology • Safe anti collision design • It ensures the hospital cot is lubricated and maintain at proper intervals. • Built in storage and a scale • It designed and constructed to provide safety comfort and mobility for a broad range of patient varying condition and treatment plans and it has adjustable settings.

Benefits & Specifications

• Backrest adjustment manually with 1 crank.
• Two section bed boards in 20 SWG CRCA strips sheet.
• Head & amp; Leg Bows set made of CRCA Tube.
• Provision for IV Pole, fitted with drainage bag holder.
• Epoxy powder coating.


Size (L×W×H): 2000 mm, 900 mm, 500 mm approximately.


Backrest adjustment manually with 1 crank

Two section bed boards in 20 SWG CRCA strips sheet

Head & amp; Leg Bows set made of CRCA Tube (set of 2)

Provision for IV Pole, fitted with drainage bag holder

Epoxy powder coating


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