• Suitable for Cardiothoracic Patients
• Rugged and Strong design for rough use
• Most Compact pump (2.2 L)
• Lightest pump (1.75 kg)
• Long battery backup (up to 10 Hrs )
• Dosage ramp up and tapper down function
• Custom programmable mode to accept any brand of syringe
• Auto / Purge bolus facility
• Multiple safety alarm facility
• Inline program during infusion


• Infusion pumps are used to deliver large quantity of nutrients or medications such as insulin, hormones, antibiotics, drugs or pain relievers at very small duration of time. • Because of this large quantity of medication at a particular time, we can’t use syringe pump here. Hence those situations suitable for infusion pumps. • It works based on Quasi-peristaltic principle. The fluid is filled in a elastomeric pump, which drives the fluid forward through tubing’s under pressure. • We can set the flow rate to prevent the patient from harm by over dose and when it is over delivered, it will show alarm indications and flow will stop. It’s called occlusion alarm. • Another one important feature is KVO (keep vein open) mode, when the given controlled volume of medication is over, it gives alarm and make the flow directly to low value automatically, so we can add a new bag of volume without closing the vein. • Visual and audible alarms are available for even small changes in set value or any disturbances. • Battery backup is available, so it can work during power failure times. • Light weight and portable model and it can mounded over stands. • Infusion pumps are commonly used as intravenously to support patient medications and nutrients. • Sometimes it needed for continuous drug delivery such as anesthetics during surgery , chemotherapy for cancer patients, labor & anti- arrythmatic drugs for patients in coronary unit.

Benefits & Specifications

• Infumax 5005 is a volumetric infusion pump with linear peristaltic pumping mechanism.
• It is suitable for adult and pediatric infusions. This model has a maximum infusion rate of 1200ml/hr which is commonly used circumstances of burns or in case of low blood pressure in emergency.
• Here the external drop sensor used to calculate accurate volume of fluid infused on any IV set.
• This model is suitable for use in gynaecology to deliver oxytocin to induce labour. Infu 5005 weighs only 2.2Kg making it easy to transport.
• It has LCD and 7 segment LED display with visible and audio alarms available and can upgrade to wifi interface also.
• Device has AC 220V to 240V 50Hz power supply with 5hrs battery backup.
• Additional features includes Auto calculation settings, ‘Air in line’ Detector, Bolus function, free flow protection and keep vein open function.


Product Model

Volumetric Infusion Pump

Power Supply

AC 220V to 240V 50Hz

Battery Backup

5hrs @ 8 drop/min or 25 ml/hr (Auto Power Saving Mode)

Power Consumption

10VA (W)

Pumping mechanism

Linear Peristaltic

Drop Sensors


‘Air in line’ Detector



LCD and 7 Segment LED Display

Safety features

Excess / Less Alarm Air in Line Protection Sensor Malfunction Protection

I.V set ml conversion

Adult I.V sets - 12 to 26 drops/ml in steps of 0.5 Micro I.V sets - 30 to 85 drops/ml in steps of 1

I.V set tubing

Accepts all Brands of I.V set

Drop rate range

1 to 150 drop/min for Adult * 1 to 100 drop/min for Micro

Volume rate range

0.5 to 1200 mL/hr for Adult * 0.1 to 300 mL/hr for Pedia

Drop resolution

1 drop/min

Bolus Flowrate

10 to 1200 mL/Hr - Adult 10 to 300 mL/Hr - Pedia

Occlusion Alarm

Less flow alarm will be generated due to Occlusion (built-in software)

Target Volume

1 to 9999ml

Bolus Volume

0.1 to 50ml, 0.1 to 1000 ml

Elapsed time

00:01 to 99:59 Hr

Keep Vein Open (KVO)

0 to 9.9 mL/hr steps of 0.1mL/hr

Battery charging period

16 hrs automatic

Battery type

Rechargeable Ni-MH, Built in & standard

Audio and visual alarm

Target volume, Target time, Excess flow, Less flow, Air in line, Battery low, KVO

Purge Flow

Flushing of IV tube possible

Menu Driven

Self Guided / Help Assisted Interactive Functions, Self Diagnosis of Alarm Causes


148mm x 100mm x190mm (L x W x H)


2.1 kg


RS232 or Wi-Fi

Volume and time based flow rate calculation



100 (+/-5%)


 BF type, class II protection rating, in compliance with IEC /EN 60601-1, Class IIb in compliance with Council Directive 93 /42/EEC





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