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SYRU 4004

SYRU 4004


  • Suitable for Cardiothoracic Patients
  • Rugged and Strong design for rough use
  • Most Compact pump (2.2 L)
  • Lightest pump (1.75 kg)
  • Long battery backup (up to 10 Hrs )
  • Dosage ramp up and tapper down function
  • Custom programmable mode to accept any brand of syringe
  • Auto / Purge bolus facility
  • Multiple safety alarm facility
  • Inline program during infusion


• A syringe is a small infusion pump used to deliver small amount of fluids or medications to a patient. • Syringe pumps are more compact and less weight than infusion pumps, it could adjust particular volume of syringes only. • It works on the principle of Pascal’s principle. When a pressure is applied in closed container is the same everywhere in that container. • Based on this principle, when piston is pressed a force was created inside the syringe, there is a stepper motor inside the pump, it controls the movement of syringe. Hence by the both actions syringe will move and inject the patient as set value. • Audible and visual alarms are available for patient safety. • KVO (Keep Vein open) mode is available here to prevent backflow and alarm will give indication to caretaker for empty syringe. • Automatic Syringe detector is enabled to pre check before injection. • Syringe pumps are more wisely used to inject medications rather than infusion pumps, since it is more fast and easy. • Bolus & anti-bolus functions available. • Less weight and portable, easy to mounded over stands. • Battery backup is available.

Benefits & Specifications

• AKAS SYRU 4004 is a front-loading syringe pump that is compact, light and rugged.
• It works accurately for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients with laminar drug flow by improving the patient condition when a short half-life are administered.
• This model makes it suitable for use in ambulance, military camps and other rescue operations in remote locations where power supply is not available.
• The Syringe pump weighs only 1.4Kg making it portable and user-friendly. The battery backup covers upto 8hrs when infusing 5 ml/hr.
• This model comes with IPX4 water resistance certification to protect the product from fluid ingression, safeguarding the internal components prolonging the product life.
• SYRU 4004 is also shock resistant, without affecting product performance. This product is made with ABS Plastic making it easier to use and reliable.
• The syringe pump consumes least power of 7W with 220-240 v for good working condition, and have flow rate ranges from 0.1- 1200 ml/hr.
• This model is well suitable for 2, 5, 10, 20, 30, 50/60 & 100ml syringes with automatic syringe size detector function. It has multiple safety alarm facilities also.


Power Supply (I/P)

AC 220V to 240V 50Hz


12V Ni-MH Battery

Battery Backup

10hrs @ Flow rate on 50ml Syringe

Power Consumption

7 VA

Applicable Syringe

5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml & 50ml Syringe from JMS, Braun, Dispovan, BD and Custom Programmable for Any brand of Syringe.

Automatic Syringe Detector


Custom Programmable Syringe


Flow Rate Range

IN AC Mode IN Battery Mode: 0.1 - 200 ml/Hr 70 ml/Hr (5ml Syringe) 0.1 - 300 ml/Hr 110 ml/Hr (10ml Syringe) 0.1 - 500 ml/Hr 190 ml/Hr (20ml Syringe) 0.1 - 700 ml/Hr 260 ml/Hr (30ml Syringe) 0.1 - 1200 ml/Hr 400 ml/Hr (50ml Syringe)

Infused Volume

 0.1 - 999.9 ml

Elapsed Time

Display of Elapsed time from 00:01 to 99:59 hrs


Flow Rate only. Flow Rate & Target volume. Flow Rate & Target Time. Target volume and target time


Purge Bolus & Auto Bolus

Bolus Flow Rate

IN AC Mode IN Battery Mode  : 10 - 200 ml/hr 70 ml/Hr (5 ml Syringe) 10 - 300 ml/hr 110 ml/Hr (10ml Syringe) 10 - 500 ml/hr 190 ml/Hr (20ml Syringe) 10 - 700 ml/hr 260 ml/Hr (30ml Syringe) 10 - 1200 ml/hr 400 ml/Hr (50ml Syringe)

Anti Bolus Function

Available Automatic pressure reduction on the drug delivery line during Occlusion Alarm

Bolus Volume

0.1ml to 10 ml in 0.1 ml increments

Dosage Taper Up/ Down (Sequential Mode)

Available with 10 different programs


0.1ml/Hr to 9.9ml/Hr in 0.1 ml increment

Occlusion Pressure

10 steps selection (OFF to 9 Levels)


tAr.1 - Target Volume reached

tAr.2 - Target time reached

 End - End of Syringe

 PCA.d - PCA Probe disconnected

 occL - Occlusion

OFF - Battery discharged

AL 1 - Syringe holder disturbed during infusion AL 2 - Syringe Disengaged while running

 AL 3 - Motor unable to drive

 AL 4 - Mains to Battery F/R High reduce F/R <=200

AL 5 - AC Power over limit

 AL 6 - AC Voltage below 215

 AL 9 - Syringe not engaged

Audio/Visual Indication

Target reached (time or volume), End of syringe, & Alarms Occlusion, Battery discharged, Motor unable to drive, Syringe not engaged, Near Empty, Battery low, Operation on mains / battery


Four 7 segment Display


 Mechanical Accuracy ±1% Including Syringe ± 3%


 170 X 107 X 135 ( L x B x H)

Space Occupied

2.4 ltrs


1.75 kg



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