Lightweight and Perfect Fit. Extremely Simple Design. Gives You Ultra Comfort. Nasal mask is comfortable, flexible and quiet .It is designed to minimize contact with your face, thus ensuring that you feel comfortable during therapy. The N2 channels airflow non-invasively to a patient from a positive airway pressure device such as a continuous positive airway pressure(CPAP) or bi-level system.


• Nasal mask is a triangular in shape and sit on the face around the nose. • It held in place by head gear stretchy straps that go around nose. • The nasal mask covers the patient nose from the bridge to the upper limb area. • It deliver an indirect airflow to the airway to the nasal mask and its works for patient who need higher pressure settings. • It is most commonly used to provide relief to people with respiratory disorders. • It blows air into nose through a nose mask helping to keep the airway open while you sleep. • It prefer a more natural airflow.

Benefits & Specifications

• People with sleep apnea can wear them at night. The Quiet Venting feature allows undisturbed sleep.
• Simple design divided into three parts is easy to collect. Auto CPAP Machine or Continuous positive airway pressure, mask, and hose deliver a controlled pressure.
• Easy to use anti-snoring device
• Enhance the comfort by reducing the work of breath
• Elastic forehead with soft silicon cushioning adapts to fit the face line.
• N2 has a quiet deaeration and a very soft silicone shock absorber to improve patient comfort.



PRESSURE(CM H20)               FLOW(L/MIN) 

4                                                    19

8                                                     28

12                                                   35

16                                                    41

20                                                     46

25                                                     51


Dead space is the empty volume of the mask up to the swivel. The dead space of the mask varies according to cushion sizes but is less than 92 mL.


4 to 25 cmH2O


Drop in Pressure measured (average for 3 sizes) at 50 L/min: 0.2 cmH2O

at 100 L/min: 0.8 cmH2O


DECLARED DUAL-NUMBER NOISE EMISSION VALUES in accordance with ISO 4871. The A-weighted sound power level of the mask is 28 dBA, with uncertainty 3 dBA. The A-weighted sound pressure level of the mask at a distance of 1 m is 20 dBA, with uncertainty 3 dBA.


Operating temperature: +5°C to +40°C (41°F to 104°F) Operating humidity: 0% ~ 93% relative humidity non-condensing Storage and transport: -20°C to +55°C (-4°F to 131°F) Storage and transport humidity: 0% ~ 93% relative humidity non-condensing


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