N5H / N5AH


The N5/N5AH Waterless humidification nasal mask Compared with the conventional mask, the waterless humidifi-cation mask improves significantly for the convenience of the user by converting the complicated heated humidifier into an integrated HME (Heat & Moisture Exchanger) kit on the mask. It couldn't be better for the user who usually has frequent travelling. Forehead frame-free design enables you to enjoy more vision, happiness and freedom. Natural and swift contact comes easy with the groove-fit cushion. The ball-and-socket elbow relieves the dragging to the mask for more stable therapy.


• Nasal mask is a triangular in shape and sit on the face around the nose. • It held in place by head gear stretchy straps that go around nose. • The nasal mask covers the patient nose from the bridge to the upper limb area. • It deliver an indirect airflow to the airway to the nasal mask and its works for patient who need higher pressure settings. • It is most commonly used to provide relief to people with respiratory disorders. • It blows air into nose through a nose mask helping to keep the airway open while you sleep. • It prefer a more natural airflow.

Benefits & Specifications

• The BMC N5H Nasal CPAP mask is supplied with a 15mm connector that is also compatible with most CPAP Travel device brands. The N5H CPAP Mask is designed to work with almost any CPAP Machine and can be used without the regular water-based CPAP humidifier.
• Heat and moisture exchangers (HMEs) are a waterless humidification solution, designed to provide moisture for patients who experience drying out of their airways, while retaining the small size of travel CPAP devices. The BMC HU Heat Moisture Exchange components provide the comfort of humidification without the hassle of bulky traditional CPAP humidifiers or CPAP Water Chambers
• The fine filter within the BMC HU tablet captures and stores heat and moisture from your exhalations into the HME’s tiny paper ridges prior to reaching your masks ‘vents. When you inhale the BMC HU HME releases the humidity back into the breathing circuit, offering you relief from possible dryness.
• With these HME’s patients will enjoy the same level of breathing comfort away from home along with the added convenience of a smaller travel CPAP device that doesn’t require distilled water.





Dead space is the empty volume of the nasal pillow and the short tube assembly up to the swivel. The dead space of the mask various according to cushion size but less than 120ml


4 to 25cm H20


Drop in pressure measured (average for 4 sizes)

At 50L/Min:Humidifier:0.8 cm H20

Humidifier:0.5Cm H20

At 100L/Min:2.2Cm H20

Humidifier:1.3Cm H20



Declared dual number noise emission values accordance with ISO.4871.The A- Weighted sound power level of the interface is 28dba with uncertainly 5dba. The A-Weighted sound pressure of the interface at a distance of 1m is 20 dba with uncertainly 5dba.


Operating temperature:+5c to +4c (41deg F to 104degF)

Operating humidity :0%~93% Relative humidity non condensing

Storage and transport :20deg c to +55deg c(-4deg F to 131deg F)

Storage and transport humidity: 0%~93% relative humidity non condensing


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