These compressor nebulizers uses compressed air technology to deliver the liquid medications into fine mist form. This available with a mouthpiece, nebulizer mask and an extra-long compressed air tube. It can be used for child & adult since it provided with both types of masks. Air filter is easily replaceable. It can hold medications up to 10 ml with power consumption of 230v. It is portable and easy to use with low weight. There is no need to clean the tubing’s that connecting compressor and mouthpiece. Nebulizer cup and mouthpiece we can clean in warm water or soapy water.


• A Nebulizer is a drug delivery device that turns liquid medications into fine mist, allowing easy inhalation into lungs through mouthpiece or facemasks. • They are used for variety of healthconditions, includingCOPD,asthma, and cystic fibrosis or another lung diseases. On such conditions your healthcare provider will prescribe a medicine that you need to take through nebulizer, you will sit near by the machine and inhale the gas mixture comes from it. • Depend on the patient condition time duration and dosage of medications will varies. • To deliver a drug by nebulization, the drug first need to dispersed in liquid solution,then it use compressed air,oxygen or ultrasonic waves to break up the solutions into small aerosol particles suitable for inhalation. • Compressed air or Oxygen applied will travel at a high velocity, creating low pressure at the outlet of liquid feed tube. This pressure difference inside the liquid and outlet of the feed tube causes fluid from reservoir to be drawn up into and out of the tube (Bernoulli’s principle). • Nebulizers should be cleaned properly and air dried after every usage, or else there will be chance of forming bacteria and fungus inside the reservoir. • Nebulizer is simple as vaporizer that we used in home, only the dosage of medication and timing is more important.

Benefits & Specifications

• High proportion of respirable particles
• Atomization with compressor-compressed air technology
• Dependable Compressor
• Fuse Specification Motor Pump compressor
 Oil free piston air
 Power supply-AC 230V/50HZ
 Power Consumption-75W
 Sound Level-55db
 Compressor Pressure-0.3-0.4Mpa
 Operation Pressure-12-14LPM


Power Source

AC Adapter

Power Required

0.25 ml/min

Storage Humidity Range Max(%RH)



Operating Temperature Range Max(DegC)

40 degree C

Storage Temperature Range Min(DegC)

20 degreeC

Storage Temperature Range Max(DegC)

70 degree C

Storage Humidity Range Min(%RH)



Operating Temperature Range Min(DegC)

10 degree C




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