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Platinum Mobile

Platinum Mobile


Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator is 5 litre capacity design with a carry bag, foam encapsulated compressor, and compliance with IP22 water resistance standard for exposure up to 10 minutes. The Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator uniquely features top loading batteries with hot swap capability, so batteries can be swapped on the go without oxygen interruption or having to remove the carry bag.
The carrying bag can be converted to handbag or backup style carrying. The HEPA filter positioned on outside of unit for easy access.
Oxygen purity ranges from 87%- 95.6% with noise level less than 40 dB.


• Oxygen Concentrators are devices which concentrates oxygen from atmospheric air by filtering nitrogen and remaining gases present in it. • Oxygen concentrators are mainly used for patients those who have respiratory issues, or a person who need additional oxygen for a long period and home care patients. • It works based on the principle of Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA), which involves separation of gas species from a mixture of gases under suitable pressure. • Based on this principle, oxygen concentrator uses zeolite particles for separation of gases,At high pressure zeolite particles adsorbs large particles such as nitrogen and oxygen is compressed and move to other end of the valve. • This process of separation will take place in the two adjacent sieve beds between fractions of 10 seconds. These sieve beds are filled with zeolite for filtration. • One sieve bed will collect Oxygen at a time and other one will remove nitrogen through other end of the valve. It will cycled each time. • The Hepa filter and Cabinet filter used in this machine are capable of filtering large particles and minute particles up to a large extend. • On the other hand, we can say oxygen concentrators are replacement of oxygen cylinders. • Since this machine only needs electricity for working, and not need to refill all the time as it in cylinders, it is portable and because of the wheelers provided with machine, patient himself can adjust the movement if he needed. • The lifetime of this machine is more than 3-4 years, which is very much useful for patients in homecare. • Depend on the patient condition we can set the amount of oxygen supply to the patient. • There are 5L to 10 L machines available for the convenient usage of patient. • There are audible alarms indications available for proper maintenance and checking. So there is no need of care taker all the time near the patient.

Benefits & Specifications

• FAA approved for commercial flights
• Small and compact
• Lightweight and easy to carry
• Five levels of pulse oxygen flow
• Top loading batteries provide easy access
• Durable exterior with impact and water resistant
• Simple LCD interface with large buttons
• HEPA filter positioned for easy access and replacement
• Switch batteries without turning off the machine
• Convertible carry bag serves as messenger, handbag, or backpack


Electrical Requirements:

AC Power Supply: 110–240 VAC, 50–60 Hz

DC Power Supply: 11–16 VDC

Rated Current Input:

5 A at 19 VDC, 10 A at 11–16 VDC

Power Consumption:


Pulse Setting:

P1 = 18 W

P2 = 24 W

P3 = 35 W

P4–P5 = 45 W

Data is for concentrator operation only (no battery charging) utilizing an AC power source.

Operating Environmental Conditions:

 (All power sources)

Operating Temperature: 41°F to 104°F (5°C to 40°C)


Relative Humidity: 15–90% non-condensing relative humidity, water vapor pressures up to 1.48 in Hg (50 hPa)

Storage and Transport Temperatures:

-13°F to 140°F (-25°C to 60°C)

Storage and Transport Humidity:

Up to 90% non-condensing relative humidity for temperatures of 41°F to 95°F (5°C to 35°C)


Water vapor pressure up to 1.48 in Hg (50 hPa) for temperatures greater than 95°F (35°C)

Operating Altitude:

Up to 10,000 ft (3048 m) above sea level

Operating Atmospheric Pressure:

697–1060 hPa

Oxygen Purity:

87% to 95.6%, at all flow settings and over the rated ranges for ambient temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure.


After initial warm-up period (typically less than 5 minutes)

Conserver Trigger Sensitivity:

< 0.18 cmH2O pressure drop (For all cannula lengths)


Factory set—no adjustment, pressure activated


Only patient respiratory efforts that achieve the trigger pressure will result in the delivery of an oxygen bolus.

Conserver Breath Rate Capacity:

15–40 BPM (breaths per minute) without reduction of bolus minute volume

Maximum Outlet Pressure:

28.5 psig (197 kPa)

Cannula Requirements:

Length: 4–25 ft (1.2–7.6 m) including all oxygen tubing

Tubing: crush-proof, single lumen

Adult, standard flow (rated for up to 6 L/min continuous flow) for lengths up to 7 ft)

Adult, high flow (rated for up to 15 L/min continuous flow) for lengths greater than 7 ft to 25 ft)

Example of Possible Cannula Model: Westmed Inc. Part Number 0194 (4 ft length)

Battery Specifications (each battery):

Rechargeable lithium-ion, 14.4 V, 5800 mAh, 83.5 Wh, 500 full charge/discharge cycle life

Battery Duration:

(Times are approximate)


One Battery

Two Batteries

Pulse Setting P1

5 hr 5 min

10 hr 10 min

Pulse Setting P2

3 hr 30 min

7 hr 0 min

Pulse Setting P3

2 hr 20 min

4 hr 40 min

Pulse Setting P4–P5

1 hr 45 min

3 hr 30 min

Battery Charge Time:

(Times are approximate)


One Battery

Two Batteries

Concentrator On, Pulse Setting P1

2 hr 20 min

4 hr 40 min

Concentrator On, Pulse Setting P2

2 hr 20 min

4 hr 40 min

Concentrator On, Pulse Setting P3

2 hr 30 min

5 hr 0 min

Concentrator On, Pulse Setting P4–P5

3 hr 10 min

6 hr 20 min

Concentrator Off

2 hr 20 min

4 hr 40 min


Sound Pressure Level:


< 40 dBA weighted for flow setting P2 (Tested per ISO 3744:2010 with microphone location as specified in ISO 8359:1996 subclause 4.6)

 < 65 dBA weighted for flow setting P4–P5 (Tested per ISO 80601–2–69 subclause

Sound Power Level:

< 65 dBA weighted for flow setting P4–P5 (Tested per ISO 80601–2–69 subclause

Audible Signal Sound Pressure Level:

55 dBA +/- 5 dBA

Machine Dimensions:

9.4 in high x 7.4 in wide x 3.7 in deep (23.9 cm high x 18.8 cm wide x 9.4 cm deep)



4.9 lbs (2.18 kg) with single battery and no carry bag

·         Add 0.75 lbs (0.34 kg) for carry bag

·         Add 1.0 lbs (0.45 kg) for a second battery


Shipping Weight:


10.5 lbs (4.8 kg)


Class II Electrical Shock Protection, Type BF Applied Part, Continuous Operation

Ingress Protection Rating:


AC Power Adapter—IP21

Battery—Keep Dry

Applied Parts:

Cannula/Oxygen Tubing, Oxygen Outlet Port, Carry Bag


HEPA Filter


4.8 pounds with 1 battery

Maximum Oxygen Output

880 ml/min

Noise Level

Around 40 decibels at a setting of 1 (As loud as a refrigerator humming)

Battery Dimensions

7.5 x 3.88 x 9.45 inch

One battery Charging Time

2 hours 18 minutes (approximately) from 0% charge to 100%

Two batteries Charging Time

4 hours 36 minutes (approximately) from 0% charge to 100%

One Battery Duration

1 4 hours

Two batteries Duration

1 8 hours



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