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Elite 5 LPM is a 24.50 kg stationary oxygen concentrator for home use which provides continuous oxygen flow up to 5 Litres Per Minute (LPM). The ease-of-use and low maintenance make it the perfect choice for hospitals, clinical settings and home usage. The weight of the machine is 24.5kg with purity 90-95% of oxygen.
This model works at 350watts with noise level less than 48 dB. Filter need to change in every 6 months, Cleaning and maintenance is also more important for long term usage of the machine. Filter can be cleaned using detergents or soaping water, then let the filter air-dry or place on thick towel to absorb excess water. Outside of the machine can be clean using wet towel and detergent solution. Cannula need to soak in dishwashing soap solution and warm water, then hang to air – dry. This machine will continuously works 24hours in electricity, but recommended to take 20-30 minutes break after every 2-3 hours usage for better performance and quality maintenance.


• Oxygen Concentrators are devices which concentrates oxygen from atmospheric air by filtering nitrogen and remaining gases present in it. • Oxygen concentrators are mainly used for patients those who have respiratory issues, or a person who need additional oxygen for a long period and home care patients. • It works based on the principle of Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA), which involves separation of gas species from a mixture of gases under suitable pressure. • Based on this principle, oxygen concentrator uses zeolite particles for separation of gases,At high pressure zeolite particles adsorbs large particles such as nitrogen and oxygen is compressed and move to other end of the valve. • This process of separation will take place in the two adjacent sieve beds between fractions of 10 seconds. These sieve beds are filled with zeolite for filtration. • One sieve bed will collect Oxygen at a time and other one will remove nitrogen through other end of the valve. It will cycled each time. • The Hepa filter and Cabinet filter used in this machine are capable of filtering large particles and minute particles up to a large extend. • On the other hand, we can say oxygen concentrators are replacement of oxygen cylinders. • Since this machine only needs electricity for working, and not need to refill all the time as it in cylinders, it is portable and because of the wheelers provided with machine, patient himself can adjust the movement if he needed. • The lifetime of this machine is more than 3-4 years, which is very much useful for patients in homecare. • Depend on the patient condition we can set the amount of oxygen supply to the patient. • There are 5L to 10 L machines available for the convenient usage of patient. • There are audible alarms indications available for proper maintenance and checking. So there is no need of care taker all the time near the patient.

Benefits & Specifications

• It is electronically driven equipment that segregates oxygen from your room air.
• It can stably work in 24 hours a day, always maintain oxygen purity at average 93% at 5L/min flow.
• Four alarm systems: low oxygen concentration alarm, power off alarm, pressure circulation fault alarm and compressor fault alarm
• Average oxygen purity: 93%±3%
• Low sound level: 42dB (A)
• Net weight: only 14kg
• Strong ABS shell, fashion design.
• Size : 38cm×26cmx58 cm(L×W×H )
• And in future, it only needs few maintenance of the main machine among its whole lifetime.


Rated power (VA)


Operation voltage (V/Hz)

AC230 /50

Oxygen flow (L/min)


Oxygen concentration (%)


Outlet pressure (Mpa )

0.04 —0.07


Power failure ; low&high pressure ; low purity; temperature

Noise (dB(A))


Large LCD display

Pressure digital(accuracy:0.001MPa); accumulating timing(range:0- 99999 hours); present timing(accuracy:1 minute); presetting timing(accuracy:1 minute) Optional : temperature digital(accuracy:0.1);

Electrical category

Class II, Type B

Weight (kg)


Dimension (mm )

280 (deep )*348(width)*51 0(height )

Low purity alarm (OCSI)

When oxygen purity is 85% the blue lamp is on ,when oxygen purity is <85% red lamp is on, indicating low purity Accuracy is ±3%

Mains Fuse


Operating Humidity


Operating Temperature

20-50 degree celesius

Output pressure

50-70 kPa





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