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Perfect O2 V

Perfect O2 V


This 5-liter Invacare perfect O2 oxygen concentrator includes an Invacare HomeFill system port for inventory flexibility and a user- accessible reset button to minimize emergency service calls. They are designed as easy access to humidifier bottle and filter with three separate filters to assure oxygen purity. Convenient top handle makes it easy to move and low noise level allows for use during sleep. Oxygen flow ranges from 0.5-5 LPM with purity 95.6%- 87% at all flow rates. Noise level ranges less than 43 dBA.
Use a towel or sponge with mild detergents to clean outside of concentrator, also cabinet filter need to clean with water or mild detergents, dry the filter and replace it. If any damages to the filter then replace it. Cleaning and maintenance is also more important for long term usage of the machine. Filter can be cleaned using detergents or soaping water, then let the filter air-dry or place on thick towel to absorb excess water. Outside of the machine can be clean using wet towel and detergent solution. Cannula need to soak in dishwashing soap solution and warm water, then hang to air – dry.


• Oxygen Concentrators are devices which concentrates oxygen from atmospheric air by filtering nitrogen and remaining gases present in it. • Oxygen concentrators are mainly used for patients those who have respiratory issues, or a person who need additional oxygen for a long period and home care patients. • It works based on the principle of Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA), which involves separation of gas species from a mixture of gases under suitable pressure. • Based on this principle, oxygen concentrator uses zeolite particles for separation of gases,At high pressure zeolite particles adsorbs large particles such as nitrogen and oxygen is compressed and move to other end of the valve. • This process of separation will take place in the two adjacent sieve beds between fractions of 10 seconds. These sieve beds are filled with zeolite for filtration. • One sieve bed will collect Oxygen at a time and other one will remove nitrogen through other end of the valve. It will cycled each time. • The Hepa filter and Cabinet filter used in this machine are capable of filtering large particles and minute particles up to a large extend. • On the other hand, we can say oxygen concentrators are replacement of oxygen cylinders. • Since this machine only needs electricity for working, and not need to refill all the time as it in cylinders, it is portable and because of the wheelers provided with machine, patient himself can adjust the movement if he needed. • The lifetime of this machine is more than 3-4 years, which is very much useful for patients in homecare. • Depend on the patient condition we can set the amount of oxygen supply to the patient. • There are 5L to 10 L machines available for the convenient usage of patient. • There are audible alarms indications available for proper maintenance and checking. So there is no need of care taker all the time near the patient.

Benefits & Specifications

• Ease of use: All device controls of the Perfect 02V are on the front panel – within easy reach of the user.
• No Paediatric flowmeter: The Invacare Perfecto 02V has 50 to 750cc standalone device for accurate low flow delivery.
• HomeFill compatible: Another exciting feature of the Perfect 02V. Enable users to simplify home oxygen business with HomeFill – the cylinder refilling system designed with patients in mind.
• Unique design: It is quiet and lightweight – equipped with advance techniques that reduce the compressor and eliminate sounds to a nearly inaudible level.
• High-performance: Design to function at the highest level – safe and reliable.



Electrical Requirements:

120 VAC + 10, –15% (132 VAC/102 VAC), 60 Hz

Rated Current Input:

3 A

Sound Pressure Level:

< 53 dBA weighted for 3 L/min flow

< 53 dBA weighted for 5 L/min Flow

Sound Power Level:

< 53 dBA weighted for 5 L/min Flow


Up to 8,000 ft (2438 m) above sea level without degradation of

concentration levels.

While filling a HomeFill System: Up to 6,000 ft (1828 m) above

sea level without degradation of concentration levels.

Atmospheric Pressure Range: 101.3 kPa – 75.0 kPa

Oxygen Output Concentration Levels:

87% to 95.6% at 0.5 to 5 L/min

Concentration levels achieved after initial warm-up period

(approximately 30 minutes)

Maximum Outlet Pressure:

5 psi ± 0.5 psi (34.5 kPa ± 3.45 kPa)

Low Flow Alarm:

0.5 to 5 L/min (maximum). For flowrates less than 1 L/min, we

recommend the use of the Invacare Pediatric Flowmeter Accessory


Potential Obstruction Alert:

0 L/min to 0.5 L/min


The concentrator detects a condition that may indicate a potential

obstruction of the output oxygen. Rapid audible beeping alert (this

alert is deactivated when accessories are connected) may be associated

with flow setting of 0.5 L/min or less.

Power Consumption:

325 W Typical

Pressure Relief Mechanism Operational at:

30 psi to 45 psi (207 kPa to 310 kPa )

Change in maximum recommended flow when back pressure of 7kPa is applied:

0.7 L/min (Back Pressure of 7 kPa applied)


Cabinet, Outlet HEPA and Compressor Inlet

Safety System:

Current overload or line surge shutdown.

High temperature compressor shutdown.

High Pressure Alarm with compressor shutdown.

Low Pressure Alarm with compressor shutdown.

Battery Free Power Loss Alarm.

SensO2 Oxygen System.

Possible Obstruction Alert.


15 in ± 3/8 in (38.1 cm ± 1 cm)


23 in ± 3/8 in (58.4 cm ± 1 cm)


12 in ± 3/8 in (30.5 cm ± 1 cm)


40 lbs ± 2 lbs (18.1 kg ± 1 kg)

Shipping Weight:

45 lbs ± 2 lbs (20.4 kg ± 1 kg)

Operating Ambient Temperature and Humidity:

50°F to 95°F (10°C to 35°C) at up to 60% relative humidity


Impact Resistant flame-retardant plastic cabinet that conforms to UL


Standards and Regulatory Listing:

ETL certified complying with AAMI ES60601-1, IEC 60601-1, IEC

60601-1-2, IEC 60601-1-6, IEC 60601-1-11, CSA C22.2#60601-1, ISO



No extension cords.


No closer than 12 in (30.5 cm ) from any wall, furniture, draperies or

similar surfaces to assure sufficient air flow.

Avoid deep pile carpets and heaters, radiators or hot air registers.

Floor location only.

No confined spaces (Example: No closets).


7 ft (2.1 m) cannula with a maximum 50 ft (15 m) of Crush-Proof Tubing

(DO NOT pinch)

Time of Operation:

Up to 24 hours per day

Recommended Storage and Shipping Temperature:

-20°F to 150°F (-29°C to 65°C) at up to 95% relative humidity



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