H2- Pro


H2 Pro records the following data: patient breathing airflow,
snoring, blood oxygen saturation, pulse, respiratory effort and body position,
EEG, EOG, ECG, EMG during sleep. It can also connect to a system of
CPAP / Auto CPAP / BPAP via mask pressure monitoring port to record and show continuous positive pressure ventilation. The device uses these recordings to
produce a report favorable to the diagnosis of sleep-disordered breathing or to
new clinical studies. The device is intended for use in a hospital/institutional setting (with supervision) and at home (unsupervised) by adults.


• Sleep study is the test used to diagnose sleep disorders. • IT records brain activity and oxygen level in your blood heart rate and breathing as well as eye and leg moment during the study. • The normal process of falling asleep begins with a sleep stage called Non rapid eye moment sleep. • Sleep apnea or another sleep related breathing disorder: It breathing repeatedly stops and starts during sleep. • Periodic limb movement’s disorders: It involuntarily flex and extend your leg while sleeping. It sometimes associated with restless leg syndrome. • Narcolepsy: It overwhelming daytime drowsiners and sudden attack of sleep in that condition. • REM sleep behavior disorder: This sleep disorder involves acting out dreams as you sleep. • Unusual behavior during sleep: It unusual activities during sleep such as walking moving around lot of rhythmic movements. • Chronic insomnia: It trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. • A sleep lab monitors the following parameters like brain waves, Eye movements, Heart rate, Breathing pattern, Blood oxygen level, Body position, Chest and abdominal movement, Limb movement, Snoring and other noise you make as you asleep.

Benefits & Specifications

H2 pro, with its light-weight, simple operation and powerful automatic analysis features, will give you a brand new and amazing use experience. Innovative no screen design Through no screen design concept, relying on intelligent App, more humanized way of human-device interaction is achieved for impedance confirmation, waveforms display etc., which practically improve the clinical operation experience. High sampling & storage rate High-fidelity data extraction and storage technology provides more real data for sleep monitoring. Intelligent App, displays wirelessly in real-time Humanized operation interface Visual data collection interface provides more intuitive experience. Cross-platform data compatibility H2 series data analysis.



11 Channel


Intelligent connection status reminder function


121.5mm x 820mmx21.5mm




Ipad & PC Software


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