SOMNOscreen Plus


The SOMNOSCREEN plus is a portable with the 33 channels that is upgradable to 58 channels it is maximum flexibility in diagnostic. In this device can have possibility performing PG screenings and it is using the EEG 32 headbox. It works wirelessly to allowing the patient comfort move and around freely. In this have compact HST diagnostic device .The electrode and cables are easily identified both by colour and mechanical coding it can be programmed to automatically start and run and pre programmed duration single and multiple measurement and programmable it can checked on the built in display before recording starts. Long term PH monitor it is rectal measurement of temperature and this device have paediatric sensor kit Respiratory analysis by effort based phase angle analysis. In this device has high frequency analyse of snore it have online remote signal check


• Sleep study is the test used to diagnose sleep disorders. • IT records brain activity and oxygen level in your blood heart rate and breathing as well as eye and leg moment during the study. • The normal process of falling asleep begins with a sleep stage called Non rapid eye moment sleep. • Sleep apnea or another sleep related breathing disorder: It breathing repeatedly stops and starts during sleep. • Periodic limb movement’s disorders: It involuntarily flex and extend your leg while sleeping. It sometimes associated with restless leg syndrome. • Narcolepsy: It overwhelming daytime drowsiners and sudden attack of sleep in that condition. • REM sleep behavior disorder: This sleep disorder involves acting out dreams as you sleep. • Unusual behavior during sleep: It unusual activities during sleep such as walking moving around lot of rhythmic movements. • Chronic insomnia: It trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. • A sleep lab monitors the following parameters like brain waves, Eye movements, Heart rate, Breathing pattern, Blood oxygen level, Body position, Chest and abdominal movement, Limb movement, Snoring and other noise you make as you asleep.

Benefits & Specifications

• 16 Bit ADC. Adjustable from 4/s to 512/s.
• Colour & Mechanical Coded Inputs.
• Robust design but still allows bedside bio-calibration.
• Shortest EEG Electrode with Continuous Impedance Check.
• Online Remote Signal Check.


Features/Technical Specification



ü  13 AC channels, 10 Referential and 3 Differential

ü  11 Respiratory and AUX Channels

ü  8 Internal Channels:

-          SPO2

-          Pulse Rate

-           Plethysmogram

-          Body Position

-          Movement

-          Light

-          Patient Marker

-          Thorax/Abdominal Respiratory Effort


Active Signal Filtering

16 Bit ADC

Recording rate individually programmable (4/s to 512/s)


Rechargeable Li ION battery (4,2 V) with recording time up to 24 hours. Integrated Safety Chip. The battery has an operating life of approximately 500 charging cycles.


Abdominal Respiratory Effort

Activity sensor (3-Axis) for Actigraphy Active sensor EMG for PLM Pressure sensor (-24 to +24 mbar) for:

-          Nasal-Oral Flow (Cannula)

-          CPAP-Pressure

-          CPAP-Flow

-          CPAP-Snore


Additional pediatric sensors:

-          Soft Silicone Finger Sensor for Pulse Oximeter

-          Nasal cannula

-          External body position sensor

-          MUX Adapter (sensor for inductive effort belts)

-          Inductive effort belts for pediatrics


Signal Check on the Display

Programmable Time Setting

Keyboard for Menu Control

All menu text on the screen in displayed in capital letters.

Maximum 32 characters on 2 lines (16 characters per line) and 2 fields (8 characters per field).


High-speed Compact Flash Card with a capacity up to 2 GB


140 x 70 x 28 mm

220 g including battery


During operation: 5° C to 40° C Storage: 0° C to 50°C


O2 Saturation

70 to 99 %

Pulse Rate

18 to 300 Beats per Minute

Wavelength Red:

660 Nanometer


910 Nanometer

SpO2 (± 1 standard

70 – 100% ± 2% for pediatrics when using the Finger Clip Sensor supplied. Sensor data under 70% are not specified

Pulse Rate

18 to 300 Beats per Minute

Wavelength Red:

660 Nanometer


910 Nanometer


During operation: 5°C to +50° C Storage: -20°C to +70°C


During operation: 10% - 90%. non-condensing Storage: =10% - 95%, non-condensing


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