SOMNOtouch Resp Eco


The SOMNO TOUCH RESP ECHO is the simple respiratory sleep screening device. In this device have 12 channels including two optional sensors. It is handling easy to apply preprogrammed or manual start. It monitor the spo2 ,flow / CPAP pressure , snoring, pulse rate , plethysmogram activity. It is measure mouth breathers with our nasal oral cannula. It is high resolution touch screen and sensor that are built into the main unit and offers easy application as well as highest comfort during the measurements. In this device automatic detection of artifacts. It is small compact robust design. It using intelligent connect with combined data and charging USB cable it is easy to set up. In this device analysis and combination with pulse rate give insights to cardiorespiratory health.


• Sleep study is the test used to diagnose sleep disorders. • IT records brain activity and oxygen level in your blood heart rate and breathing as well as eye and leg moment during the study. • The normal process of falling asleep begins with a sleep stage called Non rapid eye moment sleep. • Sleep apnea or another sleep related breathing disorder: It breathing repeatedly stops and starts during sleep. • Periodic limb movement’s disorders: It involuntarily flex and extend your leg while sleeping. It sometimes associated with restless leg syndrome. • Narcolepsy: It overwhelming daytime drowsiners and sudden attack of sleep in that condition. • REM sleep behavior disorder: This sleep disorder involves acting out dreams as you sleep. • Unusual behavior during sleep: It unusual activities during sleep such as walking moving around lot of rhythmic movements. • Chronic insomnia: It trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. • A sleep lab monitors the following parameters like brain waves, Eye movements, Heart rate, Breathing pattern, Blood oxygen level, Body position, Chest and abdominal movement, Limb movement, Snoring and other noise you make as you asleep.

Benefits & Specifications

• Integrated Sensors like Flow, CPAP pressure, snore, SpO2, pulse rate, plethysmogram, activity, thoracic effort, battery voltage, body position, patient marker and One additional sensor can be added (cost option) for either abdomen effort or bruxism.
• Flow and snore is recorded with a disposable nasal-oral cannula together with flow linearization in DOMINO light software, allows high sensitivity and specificity in detecting respiratory events.
• Easy to use for both practitioner and patient
• Quick start function – one standard montage
• Easy to use pre-configured sleep reports
• Marker button to notify of interesting events
• 60min fast charge for an 8h night recording
• Fast data transfer (Approx. 90s for a full nights study)
• PC interface – graphical based control
• Powerful software based on existing DOMINO software platform
• Manual, semi-auto and automatic scoring available
• Automatic event detection and immediate report printout
• Additional respiratory analysis by effort-based phase angle analysis
• Manual editing
• Automatic detection of artifacts
• Standard or user defined reports


11 Channels


Measuring Range

Frequency Range


3x Acceleration Sensor (x,y &z direction

± 6 g


± 10 %

Body Position


Right, left, supine, prone, upright


Pulse Rate

30 - 240 bpm


± 3 bpm

Marker Button





70 - 100 % < 70 %


± 3 % monoton

Abdominal Effort


0.1 - 15Hz ± 20 %

± 20 %

Thoracic Effort


0.1 - 15Hz ± 20 %

± 20 %

CPAP Pressure

0 - 30 mbar

DC - 8Hz ± 20%

± 2 %

Nasal/Oral Flow // Snore

± 2 mbar

0.007 Hz - 1 kHz ± 20 %

± 5 %





Data Processing

12 Bit ADC

Different Sampling Rates Adjustable (1/60s - 512/s)

Different Storage Rates Adjustable (1/60s - 512/s)

Internal Data Storage 512 MB

Internal battery

Rechargeable Li ION battery (630 mAh)


84 x 55 x 18 mm


64 g including battery

Operating conditions

Temperature: 5 °C - 40 °C

Humidity: 15 % - 90 %, non-condensing

Air pressure: 700 hPa - 1060 hPa

Storage conditions

Temperature: -25 °C - 70 °C

Humidity: up to 90 %, non-condensing


The SpO2 sensor emits optical radiation of the following wave length:

Infrared: 880 nm

Visible spectrum: 660 nm



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