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SomnoWatch Plus - Wearable activity monitor - Hitwin Healthcare

SomnoWatch Plus


• SOMNOWATCH is a tremor analysis it is digital accelerometer , ambient light sensor. It is determination of light and high frequency amplitude it has the graphic representation frequency and intensity of whole measurement.
• It have 7 internal channels body position/movement with ambient light , patient marker with acoustic tone. It is piezo tone generator built in programmable. It is data compression mode. It is increased signal to noise ratio.
• It has available module such as respiratory module , BP module , temperature module.


• Sleep study is the test used to diagnose sleep disorders. • IT records brain activity and oxygen level in your blood heart rate and breathing as well as eye and leg moment during the study. • The normal process of falling asleep begins with a sleep stage called Non rapid eye moment sleep. • Sleep apnea or another sleep related breathing disorder: It breathing repeatedly stops and starts during sleep. • Periodic limb movement’s disorders: It involuntarily flex and extend your leg while sleeping. It sometimes associated with restless leg syndrome. • Narcolepsy: It overwhelming daytime drowsiners and sudden attack of sleep in that condition. • REM sleep behavior disorder: This sleep disorder involves acting out dreams as you sleep. • Unusual behavior during sleep: It unusual activities during sleep such as walking moving around lot of rhythmic movements. • Chronic insomnia: It trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. • A sleep lab monitors the following parameters like brain waves, Eye movements, Heart rate, Breathing pattern, Blood oxygen level, Body position, Chest and abdominal movement, Limb movement, Snoring and other noise you make as you asleep.

Benefits & Specifications

• High resolution
• 7 Internal channels
• High Signal-to-Noise ratio
• 2 color LED for better communication
• Piezo tone generator built in (programmable)
• 64 MB Storage capacity
• Long recording time (up to 25 days depending on sensors attached and sample rate)
• Up to 8 external channels
• Data Compression Mode





6 Internal









9 External


Measuring Range

Frequency Range


3x motor Aktivity (x,y &z direction

± 6 g

DC == 10Hz

5 %

Body Position

Right, left, supine, prone, upright



Ambient Light

0 - ∞ not linear



Marker Button




Aktivity (PLM)


0,1Hz – 10Hz




10Hz – 1kHz


Flow Snore


0,007Hz – 1kHz


CPAP Pressure


DC – 0,09Hz




0,1Hz – 100Hz




0,2Hz – 35Hz



34,3 – 39˚C




0 – 2MΩ


± 3 bpm

Data Processing

12 Bit ADC

Different Sampling Rates Adjustable (1/60s - 256/s)

Different Storage Rates Adjustable (1/60s - 256/s)

Internal Data Storage 64 MB

Power Supply

Rechargeable Li ION battery (630 mAh)


Ansmann 9C94180, 3,7V 600mA


Diameter: 45mm

Height: 16mm


30 g including battery


During operation: 5°C to 40°C

Storage: 0°C to 50 °C


Operation: < 90% Non Condensing

Storage: < 95% Non Condensing


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