This is a non-electrical, foot pedal operated suction machine, suitable for use in remote locations in cases where electricity is not easily available and occasional requirements. It features a powder-coated metal frame with carry handle and 1000 mL glass jar.
This model is widely applicable, since there is no need of electricity, safe and more convenient for transport and use. Mainly used in hospitals for suction blood, phlegm and other thick liquid during surgical operations. This machine weighted less than 4.5kg with maximum negative pressure of 0.08 MPa.


• A suction apparatus is used to remove small amount of secretions such as liquids, mucus and serum from nose, throat or ears. • It also prevent pulmonary aspiration, which leads to lung infections, lung irritations and continuous coughing. • Suction pump works by atmospheric pressure, when the piston raised it will create a partial vacuum inside the tube, hence the outside atmospheric pressure forces secretions to suck and leave towards outlet valve. This suction happens correspond to both atmospheric and given suction pressure. • Normally we give 200 mmHg suction pressure in adults and 80-120 mmHg in neonates. • In babies deep suction procedure is needed to remove the secretions from airways using nasopharyngeal catheter. • There are single, double, and portable suction devices available for the convenience of patient condition and health. • Recently more reliable and portable models are available for easy usage and transport. • Cleaning and maintenance of suction parts are also more important. For that use mild detergent or mixture of bleach and water to rinse the bottles. Also use disinfectant wipes to clean outer parts of machine. • Suction bottles are made of glasses, cleaning and maintenance of leakage needed to be done before every pre usage. • Need of electricity makes it more accurate and curable than manual and stationary models.

Benefits & Specifications

The 7B is a non-electrical, foot pedal operated suction machine. It is suitable for use in remote locations and in cases of occasional requirement. It features a powder-coated metal frame with carry handle and a 1000 mL glass jar.


Max vacuum

> 0.04Mpa

Max flow

> 20L /min

Liquid collection jar







31×20× 22cm


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