Electrosurgical Instruments


Diathermy forceps are used during electrosurgery for coagulating tissue by means of an electric current. Artery and ligature clamp offer fine and precise jaws that match each other perfectly for a secure grip and handling of fine vessels and ligautures. They are offered in several different blade curvatures to control bleeding from vessels and tissues. A bulldog forceps are used in surgery. It has serrated jaws and a spring action so that it will grip and hold sutures, tissues or vessels. The spring may be weak or the jaws sheathed in a soft material so that the item being gripped is not crushed too severely. A soft vascular clamp was used for hemostasis and stabilization of the operative field during minimally invasive direct coronary artery bypass. The instrument was gently applied so that it clamps the coronary artery by grasping the adjacent myocardium. Nerve hook is a surgical instrument that allows surgeon to inspect areas around nerves, especially in the spine.


• Surgical instruments are tools used by surgeons during time of surgery, for open soft tissues, for cutting and coagulation, to remove bones and abnormal structures. • Important instruments used in surgery are scissors, surgical blades, knives and scalpels. • Retractors which hold incision open or hold an organ out of the way and forceps are used for grasping purposes. • They are made of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum or titanium because of the strength, durability and stiffness. • Also these are low weight suitable to handle during emergency situations. • Most of the surgical instruments are reusable by fertilization by steam or autoclave. • Autoclave or steam fertilization are most common method where pack of used instruments exposed to steam under pressure. A sterilization indicator is used to identify instruments that have been sterilized or not. • Arrival of new advanced models makes surgery more easy and effective, improved quality of care and patient satisfaction. • All the discovered new models are well versed with latest technology and have the capability to make surgery more easy and productive.

Benefits & Specifications

• Sculape India manufacturing all surgical Instruments with superior grade raw materials like stainless steel, titanium and others ensures hassle free performance of surgeries.
• Each Instruments having Unique Finish and Appeal
• Corrosion Proof/ Rust Proof, Excellent Quality, Fine Finishing
• Surgical Instruments having both Reusable / Disposable types
• Each instruments are developed using hi-tech machines and modern technology
• Quality of each Instruments are Guaranteed, Sold after a string of quality control tests.
• Maximum ease of handling
• Adjustable of clamping and holding force
• Hygienically processed under strict quality norms



5~300 W




Manual, automatic


Ordinary Surgery Cardiology Urology Thoracic Surgery Oncology


220 V/110 V





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