Laparoscopic Surgical Instruments


Camera - The camera is the handheld component and connects to a variety of lenses. There are usually settings for focus and white balance.
Lens - Available in multiple viewing angles to achieve better visualization of anatomical structures. It May require occasional defogging.
Light Source – Fibre optic cable connects to lens and illuminates field of vision. Caution around internal structures as light output can be hot.
Insufflator - Injects carbon dioxide into the abdominal cavity to create a working space for trocar placement and surgical procedures.
Veress Needle – A veress needle or veres needle is a spring- loaded needle used to create pneumoperitoneum for laparoscopic surgery.
Trocar – A trocar is a medical or veterinary device that is made up of an awl, a cannula, and a seal. Trocars are placed through the abdomen during laparoscopic surgery.


• Surgical instruments are tools used by surgeons during time of surgery, for open soft tissues, for cutting and coagulation, to remove bones and abnormal structures. • Important instruments used in surgery are scissors, surgical blades, knives and scalpels. • Retractors which hold incision open or hold an organ out of the way and forceps are used for grasping purposes. • They are made of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum or titanium because of the strength, durability and stiffness. • Also these are low weight suitable to handle during emergency situations. • Most of the surgical instruments are reusable by fertilization by steam or autoclave. • Autoclave or steam fertilization are most common method where pack of used instruments exposed to steam under pressure. A sterilization indicator is used to identify instruments that have been sterilized or not. • Arrival of new advanced models makes surgery more easy and effective, improved quality of care and patient satisfaction. • All the discovered new models are well versed with latest technology and have the capability to make surgery more easy and productive.

Benefits & Specifications

• Sculape India manufacturing all surgical Instruments with superior grade raw materials like stainless steel, titanium and others ensures hassle free performance of surgeries.
• Each Instruments having Unique Finish and Appeal
• Corrosion Proof/ Rust Proof, Excellent Quality, Fine Finishing
• Surgical Instruments having both Reusable / Disposable types
• Each instruments are developed using hi-tech machines and modern technology
• Quality of each Instruments are Guaranteed, Sold after a string of quality control tests.
• Maximum ease of handling
• Adjustable of clamping and holding force
• Hygienically processed under strict quality norms



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