? The Vivo 55 is designed to meet the needs both of medical staff and a wide range of patients. It combines comfortable and controllable ventilation with excellent monitoring capabilities to potentially reduce readmissions to acute care facilities. ? The Vivo 55 is an advanced homecare ventilator designed to deliver secure and comfortable treatment to patients from 10 kg. ? The Vivo 55 can be used for a wide variety of patients, both life-support and non life-support, thanks to a comprehensive set of modes, circuits and accessories. ? The extensive monitoring capabilities help obtain a better insight into the quality of ventilation. ? The Vivo 55 is an excellent choice for mechanical ventilation at home, in the hospital and in long-term care facilities. ? The Vivo 55 is prepared for connection to Breas cloud solutions.


? Transport ventilators are portable ventilators specifically designed for emergency transport situation. ? When a patient is in normal ventilator, and the patient suddenly need to shift, the situation will be more risk that patient with ventilator. During such time transport ventilator is more preferred. ? These are normal mechanical compact ventilator device with large battery capacity and no air compressor, equipped with a trolley or bed or ceiling pendant mount. ? Transport ventilators also known as automatic transport ventilators helps patient to breathe either through invasive or noninvasive method. ? Smaller transport ventilators are used in ambulance, helicopters and fixed- wing aircrafts. ? It has assist control mode, CPAP mode, SIMV mode and bi-level modes. ? These models are easy to use, user friendly interface and controls , and automatic air delivery are more features.

Benefits & Specifications

• Highly accurate volume delivery and trigger sensitivity
• Comprehensive set of modes, including mouthpiece ventilation and SIMV
• Wide range of settings and alarms to adapt to individual patient’s need
• Invasive and non-invasive ventilation; circuits with active exhalation valve and leakage port
• Intuitive user interface with direct-access buttons
• Low noise level
• Integrated SpO2, CO2 and FiO2 monitoring
• Numerical data, wave forms and trends on the display
• PC software enabling real-time monitoring, wave forms and loops, 365 days of data storage and detailed reports
• PC software for real time data, curves and detailed reports for analysis
• Prepared for connection to Breas cloud solutions
• Robust Scandinavian design for hospital, home and mobile use
• Wide range of accessories for home and hospital use
• Having Internal and Click-in Battery to use the machine more efficiently
• Protective cover for safe outdoor use
• 3 Profiles to personalize treatment according to the patient’s requirements


Ventilation Modes


Device Modes

Home, Clinical

Inspiratory Pressure

4 to 50 cmH2O


O , 2 cmH2O to 30 cmH2O

Breath Rate (PCV, VCV, MPV, SIMV)

4 – 40 bpm, 0 – 40 bpm in MPV mode

Inspiratory Time

0.3 – 5 s

Backup Inspiratory Time

0.3 to 5 s (PSV)

Rise Time

1 to 9 (PSV & PCV) 50 – 90 %, O (VCV)

Inspiratory Trigger

1 to 9 (PSV, PCV & VCV), O (PCV & VCV)

Expiratory Trigger

1 to 9 (PSV)

Minimum Inspiratory Time

O , 0.3 to 3 s

Maximum Inspiratory Time

0.3 to 3 s, O

Target Volume

100 – 2500 ml

Tidal Volume

100 – 2500 ml

Flow Pattern

Square, decelerating

Sigh Function

On/O , rate (every 50-100-150-200-250 breaths), sigh% (125, 150, 175, 200%)


Displayed data

Ppeak, PEEP, Pmean, Leakage, MVe/MVi, Vte/Vti , FiO2, % in TgV, Total Rate, Spont Rate, % Spont , SpO2, Pulse Rate, EtCO2, InspCO2, I:E, InspTime, Rise Time


Pressure, Flow, Volume

Trends over 1, 6, 24 and 48h

Ppeak, PEEP, Total rate, Spont rate, Vt, Leakage, SpO2, EtCO2

Mains supply

100 to 240 V AC

External DC

24 V DC

Click-on battery

8 hours

Internal battery

4 hours


High Pressure, Low Pressure, High PEEP, Low PEEP, High Vte/Vti , Low Vte/Vti , High MVe/ MVi, Low MVe/MVi, High Breath Rate, Low Breath Rate, Apnea, Disconnection, Rebreath- ing, High FiO2, Low FiO2, High SpO2, Low SpO2, High EtCO2, Low EtCO2, High InspCO2, High Pulse Rate, Low Pulse Rate, Low Last Power Source.

W x H xD

343 × 125 × 264 mm (343 × 125 × 285 mm with click-on battery)


5.4 kg

Noise level (at 10 cmH2O constant pressure)

Less than 30 dB(A)




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