KM-AA20 (Airport Transport)


The newly introduced quick release rear-wheel system makes it much easier to travel in narrow spaces. KM-AA20 can be custom-made according to the specific width of the aisle in an airplane. The armrests can be flipped to make entering and exiting the wheelchair quick and easy.


• Wheel chairs are aid to a person who is unable to walk or stand properly and person who can’t move his lower parts. • Wheel chairs have manually operated or power driven models, with variety of settings. • In manual operated model, that person need to drive it using their hands by giving some pressure. It can’t be used for a unhealthy patient. • Caretaker need to stand behind the user for movement if the patient itself can’t operate it. • Then we can chose power driven models that can adjust using remote or side buttons either the patient or caretaker. • Those power driven or motor control wheel chairs are costly compared to manual wheel chair. • Wheel chairs have different usage depend on their physical condition. Some people need it for their day to day life, some may need it for recovery from accident, temporary uses. Depend on the physical condition and financial situation they can choose old to new models with more settings.

Benefits & Specifications

• KM-AA20 is a brand new solution for users who need to move or turn around in extremely limited spaces by themselves.
• Small rear wheels are suitable for travelling in narrow spaces, it is impossible for users to propel themselves. Therefore, KM-AA20 combines the advantages of small wheel wheelchairs which make turning around in limited space easy, and large wheel wheelchairs which allow users to propel the wheelchair effectively.
• This optional convertible model easily converts from an airplane wheelchair to a manual wheelchair, allowing the user to propel him/herself while not on the airplane.
• The aircraft-grade aluminum and solid welded frame make this chair sturdy and safe.
• The swing-back armrests aid will decrease the overall width when necessary, and the 11 inch extra-long reach push handles makes ease of use for the caregiver.
• The height adjustable footplates ensure comfort for many different users, and the snap-in safety belt and easy-access brake locks are more features.
• The weight of the wheel chair will be 11.5Kg without rear wheels.


Seat Width (mm)


Seat Depth (mm)


Caster Size (in)


Rear Wheel Size (in)


Seat Height (mm)


Backrest Height (mm)


Armrest Height (mm)


Calf Length (mm)


Max. User Weight (kg)


Weight W/O Accessories (kg)


Total Weight (kg)


L x W x H (mm)



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