Ergo Lite


Ergo Lite is KARMA’s lightest attendant-propelled wheelchair. This compact design is ideal for female and elderly attendants. It is well equipped with Karma’s unique S-Ergo seating system. The seating provides the wheelchair user with basic pressure relief without having to purchase a foam cushion. The S-Ergo Seating frame is lightweight and simple, offering the short-term wheelchair user an inexpensive option. The wheelchair weighing almost 8.6 kg, this ultralight weight lowers the risk of back injuries by reducing the physical effort required to lift it. This model is ideal for caregivers who can’t continuously bend over to park the wheelchair as it can cause long term back problems. Just push the attendant brake to park the chair, and pull to unlock. Convenient and suitable for elderly and female caregivers to take care of elderly users. Easy to carry out and foldable for storage.


• Wheel chairs are aid to a person who is unable to walk or stand properly and person who can’t move his lower parts. • Wheel chairs have manually operated or power driven models, with variety of settings. • In manual operated model, that person need to drive it using their hands by giving some pressure. It can’t be used for a unhealthy patient. • Caretaker need to stand behind the user for movement if the patient itself can’t operate it. • Then we can chose power driven models that can adjust using remote or side buttons either the patient or caretaker. • Those power driven or motor control wheel chairs are costly compared to manual wheel chair. • Wheel chairs have different usage depend on their physical condition. Some people need it for their day to day life, some may need it for recovery from accident, temporary uses. Depend on the physical condition and financial situation they can choose old to new models with more settings.

Benefits & Specifications

• Ultra light frame from 8.3kg complete
• Detachable footrest hangers
• Ergo Lite system provides pressure relief and reduces sliding
• Aegis microbe shield permanently bonded antimicrobial barrier
• Half folding back rest for easy transportation
• Folding frame
• Comfortable & durable upholstery
• DVA approved
• Double cross braces for strength and durability


Seat Width (mm/in)

406 ㎜(16 in) 457 ㎜(18 in)

Overall Length (mm/in)

940 ㎜(37 in)

Overall Width (mm/in)

570 ㎜(22.4 in) 621 ㎜(24.5 in)

Overall Height (mm/in)

910 ㎜(35.8 in)

Total Weight (kg/lb)

8.3 ㎏ (18.3 lb) 8.4 ㎏ (18.5 lb)

Seat Depth (mm/in)

420 ㎜(16.5 in) 465 ㎜(18.3 in)

Seat Height (mm/in)

482 ㎜(19 in)

Backrest Height (mm/in)

420 ㎜(16.5 in)

Armrest Height (mm/in)

215 ㎜(8.5 in)

Calf Length (mm/in)

350 ㎜-400 ㎜(13.8 in-15.7 in)

Overall Collapsed Length (mm/in)

850 ㎜(33.5 in)

Overall Collapsed Width (mm/in)

275 ㎜(10.8 in)

Overall Collapsed Height (mm/in)

710 ㎜(28 in)

Maximum User Weight (kg/lb)

100 ㎏(220 lb)


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