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If renting a homecare device helps you get treatment around your loved ones, Hitwin can make it possible at economical prices. We have a wide range of homecare devices available for rental with plans customized just for you.

We assure the same level of quality, service and maintenance at your home as a hospital setup. As part of our stringent quality measures, we do not rent-out any product that has risks for the patient. We have controls that ensure you receive devices that are indistinguishable from new products.

Please don’t hesitate to call us for any questions on our oxygen concentrators for rent.

Only the main equipment is available on rental. Accessories like mask, humidifier bottles, cannulas, filters etc. will have to be purchased by the customer.

  • Customer to deposit a minimum security amount and one month rent as per monthly rental cycle before picking up the unit for rental.
  • Subsequent monthly rental payment as per monthly rental cycle, to be paid in advance.
  • In case Cheque is not honored, penalty charge of Rs 500 + 24 % interest for the period for which the amount not received will be charged.
  • In case of late payment by customer, penalty charge of Rs 500 + 24% interest for the period for which the amount not received will be charged.
  • In case of 2nd incident of late payment, Hitwin reserves the right to pick the unit back from the patient without any prior intimation.

  • Customer to ensure functionality, testing, usage and comfort level of equipment before renting the same.
  • It will be the complete responsibility of the customer to ensure that the rental unit is maintained in good condition.
  • In case of a functional failure of the units, customer will have to bear the service cost if it is established that the damage is due to customer negligence.
  • Customer will be liable for any physical or functional damage to the unit.
  • In case of a physical damage due to customer negligence, customer will have to buy the unit. In such a scenario, half of the rental amount would be adjusted. If the customer does not want to buy the unit, he will bear the cost of repairs.
  • Any verbal commitment/communication by a Hitwin employee will not be legally binding and the company will only insist on the terms and conditions mentioned in the invoice.
  • Hitwin does not undertake any liability for any loss caused due to malfunction of the rental unit or its accessories.
  • Disputes, if any, which may arise in regard to settlement of Claim shall be subjected to jurisdiction of courts at Chennai.
  • Customer is renting the invoiced equipment exactly as per the prescription of his Physician.
  • Rent Non-Refundable: Rental amount will not be refunded if rented machine is returned by the customer prematurely from the agreement period.

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